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The Goddess Hera Transmission: The Healing Powers of the Golden Fleece.

The Goddess Hera…

Hera is known as the Olympian Queen of the Gods of Ancient Greece. Her importance in the early archaic period of Greece is attested by the large building projects undertaken in her honour. Her temples pre-date those of Zeus. Originally, Hera was a pre-Hellenic earth-star Goddess. She is often depicted as a beautiful woman wearing a crown and holding a royal, lotus-tipped sceptre. The earliest animal associated with Her is the Bull.

The Golden Fleece…

The Golden (Ram’s) Fleece was said to have many magical healing abilities. In the classical myth of the Golden Fleece, the hero Jason and his band of Argonauts, made up of at least fifty heroes, or more, sailed to Colchis, which was at the eastern end of the Black Sea, south of the Caucasus. Their mission was to obtain the Golden Fleece from Aeetes, the King of Colchis. Aeetes agreed to give the Golden Fleece to Jason upon him completing a set of seemingly impossible tasks. With the help of the Goddess, Hera, and the priestess Medea who was the daughter of the King, Jason completed all the tasks. However, the king planned to kill Jason and Medea, discovering this, leads him to safety and to the tree where the Golden Fleece, was hanging. Jason discovers the Golden Fleece had a guardian, Jason manages to kill the guardian and so was able to flee Colchis with the prize.

This Transmission…

Originally downloaded into my (Steve Nobel) consciousness during a break in Croatia in January 2023.

In this transmission the Goddess Hera opens a doorway to a magical landscape that represents the extent of your familiarity or comfort zone. At the end of this zone, we find a sacred tree where hangs a sacred prize. This tree has a guardian. With the help of Goddess Hera, you will be able to access the tree and its prize. Your mission is not to take this prize but to access its healing and activation powers.

Music by…

Michael Hammer, the track is called Spinning Spheres.

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