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Releasing a 4D Phantom Zone Transmission

This Transmission…

This transmission is useful if you are feeling a certain darkness in your mind and life. If you have an ongoing sense of depression, a sense of low vibe, helplessness, or misfortune this transmission may help. In this transmission we call upon your Team in Spirit including Metatron, and all angels working with Metatron, Michael, and all angels working with Michael plus Violet Fire and Ultraviolet Fire angels to clear and remove any such limiting structure. We also call upon Lightbody Surgeons from Sirius and elsewhere to help release the structure from your nervous system and central channel. (The Phantom Zone was made famous by the Superman comics and films. In the story it was a prison-like parallel dimension where criminals were sent from Superman’s home planet.)

The Story Behind this Transmission…

Recently, (May 2023) I experienced some interference I had not experienced before. It felt like I was walking through glue for several days. Also, my meditations had a darker aspect to them. When I asked for guidance, I was told I had a phantom zone. It seems that my Higher Self allowed this experience in order that I might work through releasing the structure and from there helping other Starseeds release anything similar in their fields.

Three Dark Structures…

I was also told that in terms of Dark Force interference there are three structures that cause the most problems, 4D devices placed in the energy fields, 4D dark portals where energies can enter and leave your energy fields and reality at will, and 4D phantom zones where a structure is placed around you with the design to separate you from your Higher Self, guides, angels and Source Energy. This transmission clears the latter. There are other tracks that work on the first two issues. (Check my Psychic Protection Playlist.)

Music by…

Chris Collins, the track is Beyond the Stars

Other Details…

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2 responses

  1. I THANK YOU for this transmission!! It was so intense for me!
    Such a release and so many stories happening during this meditation. Nothing like this!!!! T U ✍️

  2. Thank You a Million, Billion, Trillion, Dear Steve Nobel, for sharing this Powerful, Empowering, Beautiful Transmission with me & all others attracted to it.!!! I AM So Very Grateful for Your Presence in My Life!!! May You Receive Infinite Blessings of Joy, Peace, Love & Unlimited Abundance in All Realities!!! Love You to the Moon & Back!!!
    Rev. Sylvia

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