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Angels of Love / Dandelion / Black Obsidian Angelic Fire Transmission

In this Transmission…

Together we call on three sets of Angels. Angels of Love, Angels of Dandelion (Plant) and Angels of Black Obsidian (Crystal).

Temple of Love…

Angels of Love transport you to a Temple in the Higher Planes. In this Temple your Body Elemental reveals to you the 3-Dimensional Pattern of your psyche that mostly relates to the lower three chakras. This 3-Dimensional Pattern relates to your Family of Selves, of Sub-Personalities, of Ego Parts.

White-Pink-Peach-Gold Healing Light…

In this transmission Angels of Love transmit a white-pink-peach-gold light into this geometric energy pattern. Angels of Black Obsidian ground and clear any muted or stagnant energies in the geometric energy pattern. Angels of Dandelion help to heal any ruptures or fractures in the pattern with Yellow-Orange Angelic Light.

Dissolving Toxic Connections…

Angels of Love and Angels working with Archangel Michael dissolve or cut any cording that is attached to this pattern.

Sending Love to Your Shadow Selves…

Angels of Love and Angels of Dandelion also transmit light to the furthest reaches of the pattern, sending healing light to the exiled, shadow, disowned parts of your psyche.

Upgrading Your Psyche…

Your Higher Self helps to connect this 3-Dimensional Pattern of your Psyche to your Heart Centre and Higher Chakras. Infusing the whole pattern with a light that helps to harmonise and unify your Psyche.

Music by…

Music by Rebecca Reads and the track is called Starfish Relaxation (Delta Wave)

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