Listen to this meditative audio track on affirmations for expansive/joyful living by Steve Ahnael Nobel. Please feel free to download and listen as often as you wish. Also feel free to share this track with your friends. Affirmations are a great way to reprogramme the unconscious mind with new more positively orientated thoughts and possibilities.

Joy is a high vibrational state of being and as such it can take time to acclimatise to such a high frequency on an ongoing basis. Joy is a vibration that we can immerse ourselves in and this will bring many benefits to our lives. As this track reveals joy is a choice. We can choose to grow through joy instead of pain, drama and suffering. We can choose a daily experience of joy and as we do so we can offer joy to others and also to the world. Joy is a blessing and a challenge. As we invite in more joy then it will tend to eject anything that is not-joy in our body-mind. Joy is not able to inhabit the same space as many lower frequencies that cause us to suffer. There are some frequencies that can sit with joy. Emotions such as sadness can co-exist with joy since they do not lead us into suffering. Rather sadness can be a powerful experience of release.


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