Listen to this Soul Light Transmission by Steve Ahnael Nobel. Recorded at an evening event in Central London November 2016.

In this remastered transmission a sphere of high frequency light is created around you by a group of Archangels and your Higher Self. This sphere is itself held within two other high frequency grids, the crystal grid of the earth and a grid from the Central Sun. Within this field there is a clearing of lower astral material from your energy bodies and also any discarnates/entities and cords to other people or groups that can now be released to the light. Once this is done your 5D – 12 centre chakra system is activated. This system is activated rather than installed. When this begins the old 7 centre chakra system goes through an upgrade. When complete this allows access to higher frequencies of your overall consciousness. This allows more of your soul’s light to descend into your energy bodies.


Soul Light Transmission: Starseeds Embrace More of Your True Soul's Essence from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.

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