Listen to this podcast interview with Katy Tucker on 5D Multi-Dimensional Channelling. This interview was recorded on the solar eclipse (21st August 2017) and contains channelled information on that event.

Katy Tucker is a channel who has been practicing as a Channel for 8 years. Her higher-self name is Seela-ra Ajna-ra She is blessed to have all sorts of different guides who hold space for many different things – so there is lots of variety in her work. She channels Star-beings, Ancestors, Fairies, Elementals, ascended masters and Goddesses – and any guides that in the highest good at the time. Katy is a light-worker, who works closely with indigo’s assisting them in finding their power. She works closely with the crystalline manifestation grid which is deep within the Earth, opening portals at Sacred Sites and healing in denser places.


Podcast: 5D Multidimensional Channeling from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.


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