Listen to this 5D Abundance Transmission designed to clear all 3D Matrix agreements and programming that keeps you hooked into scarcity consciousness. We call upon your I AM Presence plus the legions of angels working with Archangel Micheal plus Ultra-Violet angels to clear you of all connections to the 3D Money Matrix. Once this is done the transmission works with the energy of your 5D Base Chakra to expand your potential to generate, allow and hold more money in your energy fields as high frequency light. This transmission includes receiving light from a future self who is now experiencing a 5D abundant reality.


Abundance is the natural state of the Universe. But humanity is not experiencing total abundance right now. We are living within a highly controlled 3D Matrix that is designed to maximize the wealth of a few at the expense of the many. This Money Matrix generates a modern form of slavery that keeps us locked in anxiety fear and survival consciousness. Once you are free from all agreements, negative portals, low frequency programming, hooks and cords to the 3D Money Matrix then you have a greater potential to allow, generate and receive a higher frequency of abundance into your reality.

“I Am Presence, I ask that you clear and release all vows and contracts I have taken across all lifetimes, all space and time, all dimensions, all universes, all realities that inhibit my experience of complete abundance. Remove all agreements, programming and all discordant energies that generates suffering for myself or others. Remove all back-up programming or instruction sets. Clear all minds all bodies and the soul records. Retain all learning experiences, free from trauma or restriction. Align me now with my highest path of abundance and purpose.”



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