During this exciting time of ascension/awakening, an important topic for many lightworkers and Starseeds is aligning with our soul’s mission, otherwise known as living one’s purpose. This is a great opportunity as well as a great challenge at this time. Many feel the calling of the Soul and simultaneously are not sure how to escape the gravitational pull of their ego resistance and external pressures that seek to keep them locked in the 3D Matrix.

Most of us were not brought up to consider the all-important question of how to live our life purpose, nor how to value and listen to our dreams and passions. Instead, we are mostly taught to conform and get a ‘proper’ job to be able to live a “normal” life. This kind of conditioning which harks back to the Industrial Age, is supportive of a system who wants people to fit in, and therefore to conform. Creativity and innovation have not been very much appreciated as it frees the mind and the people. This outdated conditioning has sent far too many down a path that in no way could be described as heading towards their soul purpose.

You are here for a reason and that reason is not to play small nor to fit in like some cog in a greater mechanism. You are here to awaken to your true gifts and potential. You have been developing that potential over many lifetimes. When you align with your soul’s mission you begin to awaken your authentic light within the body. This is a journey of a lifetime. There will always be challenges but these point the way to further opportunities that together can only help you reach deeper into your limitless light and personal power.

When the soul calls you to step up and out know this: resistance is normal and ultimately futile! Our ego resists this calling because it feels strange, scary and uncertain. The ego wants security and guarantees and the Path offers none. When we choose to step beyond doubts and anxiety into trust, we then bring more light and possibility into our energy fields and reality.

This evening event includes an attunement, a general talk, a process to help you connect with your Soul Purpose and a transmission.


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