Shamanism is the oldest spiritual path on the planet, it has been tried, tested and refined by almost every culture across the planet. Because of this ancient global heritage shamanism is a valid spiritual channel still accessible across the world. This well-trodden channel is calling to many now at this time of global transition. Perhaps you are being called to shamanism (actually it would be more accurate to say shamanism is calling you) and have no idea where to start!

Well you might need to know it was well-known to the cultures where shamanism was practised that a refusal to heed the calling often results in physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual illness. On the other hand acceptance of the call resolves the problem. According to author Mircea Eliade: “The future shaman sometimes takes the risk of being mistaken for a madman. . .but his madness fulfils a mystic function; it reveals certain aspects of reality to him that are inaccessible to other mortals, and it is only after having experienced and entered into these hidden dimensions of reality that the madman becomes a shaman.”

I believe that there are many Starseeds here who are being called to this path. As you may know we are in a time of powerful change. The world we know is dying and a new world is calling to be born. Many individuals are being called by Spirit to awaken. That being said, here are some tell-tale signs that the spirits are calling to you: 

  1. You’ve been through some strong life challenges – In indigenous cultures, someone called to the shamanic path was often tested by a severe ordeal. The tribe recognised the potential shaman as being the one who survived being mauled by a lion or struck by lightning. In modern cultures, someone called to the shamanic path encounters very different types of ordeals. may not literally be struck by lightning. This can come in the form of emotional or physical abuse, and it can also come as a near-death experience.
  1. You feel you do not fit into the modern world – Shamans have traditionally tended to live on the edge of the tribal village and did not mingle as others did. In tribal cultures this was understood and recognized but nowadays it is not culturally understood which often means there is a feeling of not fitting in.
  1. You feel most at home in nature – Because you do not fit into the human world you feel more at home in nature. You may sense that nature is talking to you or that you feel most connected when surrounded by the elements. You may feel things others don’t feel, see things others don’t see, hear things others don’t hear, smell things others don’t smell, and sense things others don’t sense. This is normal when the spirits call.
  1. You feel overly sensitive to certain energies – You may feel over-stimulated in public situations especially in crowds or when too much is going on. You may be labelled as being “too sensitive.” You feel toxic energies around you and react accordingly. You can read people and situations easily. You can absorb negative energies, until you learn to work with your allies in spirit to clear ‘negative’ energies and situations.
  1. You feel the call of spirituality – You may feel a powerful pull to explore different forms of spirituality. You may have felt disappointed by some of these paths. You may have been searching for some time and have no idea what you are looking for. The unseen realm may be reaching out to you through your meditations and dreams. Perhaps you have been visited by animal totems or touched by shamans in the spirit world who want to make contact with you.

Heeding the Call – This is a path that was chosen before birth. Once chosen in this life it involves stripping away all that is not in alignment with your Soul’s path. This can mean things changing dramatically in your life. Most importantly it involves stripping away old outdated forms of identity and ideas of who you thought you were. This awakening period is a form of initiation. The path of awakening begins at different times. For some, it begins in their late teens, for others, mid-late twenties, for some much later in life. It may sound all hard work but once the path opens and activates fully you will find yourself connected to a magical universe populated with many helpful beings. Shamans are intermediaries between the human world and the spirit worlds. Shamans treat ailments/illness/trauma by mending the soul thus restoring the physical body of the individual to balance and wholeness. The shaman journeys into the spirit world to obtain solutions to problems afflicting the community thus restoring balance. As the path opens you will learn how to work with energy and thus help yourself and others in a new way you never thought possible. You will find yourself magically empowered in a time on the planet where your presence and engagement is very much required.

The Web of Life – Shamans work with the web of life and this web extends between the physical and spirit worlds. Shamans have a foot in both worlds and act as a kind of bridge between physical and spirit communities. There are many helpful allies to be found on the web of life. There are crystal and stone spirits, there are plant spirits, there are animal spirits and of course there are human guides who have walked the shamanic path in this world and other worlds. On this web can be found many angelic forces and also different races of star brothers and sisters who are active on the web, assisting with the global ascension process.

Star Shamanism – I am now offering Star Shamanism sessions for people interested in connecting with the shamanic path. These sessions will work within the medicine wheel, we will open the web of life and reconnect individuals to their spirit allies in all three worlds, lower, middle and upper. Together we will also work, where necessary, on energy extraction, soul loss/retrieval and more.



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