We are in important time frame on the planet. We could call this a great awakening in consciousness which is helping the planet transition from darkness to light.

The ego seems to get a bad press in most spiritual circles but what exactly is the ego? Well, our ego can also be called our personality or conditioned selves meaning there are many different energies that make up the ego. We may have a predominantly pleasing ego where making others happy is very important. We may have a predominantly rational ego that seeks to understand everything through the mind. We may have a predominantly rebelling ego that seeks to avoid conformity at all costs. We may have a predominantly achieving ego that seeks to win and succeed. The list is endless. The way our ego seeks to resist the path is also extensive. Confusion, doubt, fear, guilt are all common resistance patterns. We cannot banish our ego but we can upgrade it and harness the energy of resistance in our heartgfelt desire to move more elegantly along our spiritual journey.

Part of the spiritual journey for Starseeds/Lightworkers is becoming aware of our ego’s agendas, especially the ones that block or interfere with us aligning with our soul mission. The moment we step on a spiritual path and embrace more light this tends to shake up our sub-personalities. Some aspects of our ego may not like or understand or trust our spiritual aspirations and may seek to block our path. This is why many spiritual teachers have tended to label the ego as ‘bad’ and something we need to banish.

This WEBINAR is an opportunity to transform your ego resistance and step with more ease and grace on the path of your highest resonance and light. Once you step beyond your resistance into your mission this allows for an activation of your unlimited inner potential that seeks to be known and experienced in this lifetime. 

Your investment is £33. The webinar begins 7.30pm and runs until 9.30pm.



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