The Starman Tarot is a form of ‘Spirit Technology’. The Starman Tarot is infinitely more than a tarot deck – in essence it is a declaration that life at its core is astonishing – miraculous. 

Davide de Angelis began collaborating with David Bowie in the mid 90’s which began a creative working relationship that spanned across several years and many different projects, including the development of art for albums and concepts for stage sets, books, products, websites and art shows. Inspired by their creative collaborations and the potent artistic vocabulary born out of them, Davide De Angelis has spent years crafting a powerful, visionary tarot deck that expertly weaves together intricate sacred geometries, alchemy, street culture, futuristic cosmologies, erotic sci-fi images, punk rock, experimental typography, magic, and the sacred teachings of the plant teachers and mystery traditions.


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