This meditation helps to transform the energy of a challenging/stressful situation into higher frequencies of light. Everything is energy. A thought is energy. An emotion is energy. Every challenging situation is an energy field locked in place for various reasons. This meditation seeks to unlock, release, soften and transform the energies that keep the challenging reality in place. Once the energy begins to shift there can be new movement and possibilities within the situation. Miracles can and do happen!

Before doing this meditation bring to mind a situation that is stressful or challenging. Not the most traumatic but one that is painful or constricting and still holds a significant charge. (Highly traumatic experiences such as the death of a loved one, physical violence or abuse that continue to cause high levels of toxic stress in the body need a different approach).

In this meditation the four archangels offer gifts for the issue/challenge in mind:
Raphael – Peace and Clarity and Grace for the mind. New insights in time.
Michael – Greater sense of power in this situation. A new sense of courage. A new sense of resolve.
Gabriel – Compassion and grace for the heart. New feelings about this in time.
Uriel – Groundedness and strength in the body. New paths of action in time.


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