In this meditation we neutralise our judgments about money and open to our core needs and desires for abundance in order to activate a greater degree of flow into and through our reality.

Our birth right is abundance and that includes the flow of money. All forms of abundance, wealth and money can be found and accessed as a flow of energy. This flow is like the radiant light of the sun. Ever shining, ever giving, ever sustaining. This light is always there whether we choose to stand and bathe in the light or whether we choose to hide in the shadows of lack and scarcity. Abundance is generated upon the earth. There is a time of planting and reaping the harvest. We can perhaps not even bother to plant the seeds in the fields, if we do have the energy to plant the seeds, we can store the harvest or let it rot in the fields. We are the ones aligning with abundance or distancing ourselves from the Divine Flow.


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