Self Love Now” is a book based on the principles of the ‘Gift culture’ which thrives on the idea of circulating resources. We cannot put a fixed price tag on love. Any amount would be too small. With this in mind; where possible we offer this book in the spirit of the ‘Gift’. Which means we are not the ones to determine its value. Rather, you the reader will decide for yourself what amount feels right, clear, and fair, reflecting your financial condition as well as your feeling of value and gratitude. This opens the space for more creative ways to ‘love forward’ and serves those not able to give anything at this time but just by receiving this ‘Unconditional Gift’ is exactly what they need to remember how abundant they already are. We are LOVE. 

Dara and Simon are cutting into the 4 greatest taboos of our times: SEX, MONEY, DEATH AND TRUTH. For it is only when we face our deepest fears that hide in the depth of our suppressed longings, that we can free ourselves at the very core. For 6+ years they travel the world as transformational facilitators and speakers to radically shift the way we relate to self, others, nature and the whole of existence.  

This is such an important topic which is why I chose to share this on my website. At the end of the book there are 50 people all sharing there thoights on self-love. I am number 46 on page 109.

Steve Nobel

Ascension Guide

During a sharing circle Simon asked a question; Why is Self-Love important at this time in humanity? What was shared from each person in the circle touched him so much. A year later he decided to ask 54 people the same question. This book is the result of those answers. There is no doubt in the world that these expressions of love will reach and nurture the souls who would benefit from a gentle loving reminder to let down their armour of fear and soften into the warm embrace of this encompassing life force energy.

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