This meditation is for adults who wish to strengthen their connection to the Unicorn Race. It is also intended to heal the adaptive, conditioned, wounded child/children within and liberating the magical child. This meditation can also be used for children that feel a connection to the Unicorn Beings. If a child is listening to this then the parent or guardian needs to explain the concept of wounded child and magical child. A child just needs to connect with any hurts or upset or unhappiness they are experiencing. The magical part is the fun, limitless, imaginative aspect that is not limited by this 3D World.

There was a time where higher frequency races such as the Unicorns were more easily available to beings on the 5D earth-plane. This connection began to wane during the end period of Lemuria when humanity began a slow descent in consciousness. Unicorns are soul healers that are connected to angelic realm. They are returning at this time to assist Starseeds in shifting into 5D. Many Starseeds have a strong connection to the Unicorns and many Starseed children especially feel a connection to Unicorns as guides and helpers.



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