This meditation seeks to neutralise any limitations coming from the mind and also the bloodlines to you experiencing a more complete and fulfilling experience of the eternal flow of Universal Abundance.

1. Call one thought or idea that gets in the way of your abundance such as: I do not feel I deserve total abundance or I am not worthy of abundance, or I am not smart enough or capable enough or strong enough to generate abundance, or I am not the right class or gender or race, or there is only so much to go around, or my abundance detracts from that of others, or abundance comes and goes – mostly it goes. Surrender this to the Solar Grid. Transform this thought into a more expansive thought.

2. Call on the energy of the Motherline. Invoke any energy, story or agreement that gets in the way of your abundance. Any trauma, heartbreak or loss. Surrender to the Solar Grid. Expand the potential light you can allow in thru the Crystalline Grid. Allow a more abundant energy from the motherline, even if you have to go back many generations to connect with that! Then repeat for the Fatherline.

3. Focus on the Unlimited Abundance of the Universe. You can open to an abundance of… whatever you want (connection, friendship, money, opportunities, achievement, success).  Notice a great expansion in the light you can hold. Imagine each cell in the body opening like a mini-sun, drinking light from the Universal Source of abundance.

Music by Rebecca Reads – Healing Earth.


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