When you have some kind of attachment to another person or issue with that person an energetic cord can form between you.

Energy cords can connect you to anyone including: family members, lovers, exes, friends, and coworkers. They can be expecially potent when there is a sexual connection or a strong projection of negative energy. We can have cords connecting us to groups such as a corporation, a legal or financial system, a church or spiritual group.

Such energy cords are important to release since they can hold a negative energy or allow you to continue picking up a negative transmission from this person or group.

In this meditation you have the opportunity to cut or dissolve cords to a person and group. You will also have the opportunity to break and destroy any negative psychic contracts/agreements that make you vulnerable to such cords attaching to you.

Music by Katie Jane: “This track has a powerful combination of frequencies from tuning forks, crystal singing bowls & specifically tuned frequencies to balance the Endocrine System, with special focus on the Throat & Heart Chakra, plus Solfeggio Frequency of 396hz & 528hz. The intention is to balance the Thyroid, and the thymic chakra- which relate to the feelings of Divine love, compassion, forgiveness and release of fear. A total body realignment, open your High Heart & allow the frequencies to resonate and rebalance, sending signals to the cells to return to their highest level of balance and sacred functioning.”

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