Even though the world is still passing through a difficult period Starseeds can still assist in shifting the vibration of the planet. We are here to assist the planet in moving out of an Age of Darkness into a New Age of Light. Together we can dream a new future timeline for ourselves and the planet! Now is the time to shift away from lower frequencies of fear, greed, resentment etc, and embrace higher frequencies of love, joy, happiness, gratitude, enthusiasm, wonder, bliss and so on. Everything is vibration and when enough Starseeds shift their baseline energy up the frequency scale then we will create Heaven on Earth. This track was initally created during a webinar (20th January 2021) of the same title. It was re-recorded a day later for YouTube. This transmission is co-facilitated by Steve Nobel and Katherine Jameson who is a Vibrational Healer & Sound Therapist.



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