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Why self publish your non-fiction book? With self-publishing, authors do not have to wait a long tome to get their work to market, the retain complete control of brand, structure and content. They direct the editing, publishing, and marketing process. The book format and design are decided by them.
“I’m writing to say a big THANK YOU for playing a part in the completion of my book and to tell you two things/ You are included in my acknowledgements and the first publisher I approached offered me a contract. Huge thank you again.”

Coach and Healer

“A good idea for a book usually starts off buried in a mass of ideas. Steve Nobel has an ability to identify the kernel of sound idea in the middle of that mass. He’ll help you refine and adjust it till its ready to be built into a book. As an established published author he will guide you from idea to written manuscript.”

Relationship Coach


Self Publishing is a Brilliant Option for Aspiring Authors.


Having worked in the industry for some years at the event marketing end with Alternatives (13 years) and also being a published author myself of 4 non-fiction books I have been increasingly drawn into self publishing as a more viable option for new and existing authors.


Why Self Publishing is the Best Option for Most Authors. As a new author I thought that having a book published by a main stream publisher would do so much more for me than it actually did. Having a digital book on my website that was easily downloadable has brought me more business in a shorter period than any of my books managed to do. This has been true for my coaching practise and also the events I have been running. Whether you want to get your message out to an audience or promote your business it is worth considering self publishing.

Why Self Publishing is Ideal for Coaches, Entrepreneurs Healers, Therapists. If you have a business to promote then self publishing is a great way to get your services known to a wider audience. An ebook is essentially a very big business card that helps to get your message across the internet. (My latest ebook has been downloaded in over 50 countries).

The Benefits of Self Publishing. In recent years, self-publishing has become a popular method of publishing a book. The internet has enabled authors to take more control in the publishing process. Now an author can publish and sell books and direct to their followers. This means the playing field has been levelled to an incredible degree. Digital printing has revolutionized the way that books are produced, and ebooks can be downloaded with virtually no cost.

Soul Matrix Publishing. I have recently created a self publishing house to help authors. This has been a dream in the shaping for around 10 years. I really love what I do here for people. The genre I publish in is personal development and spirituality. I help with all aspects of the writing process from shaping the message and content to actual production. My package includes creating an ebook (with design) and a free extract that is promoted through this website. Since I know about marketing I also can help with the marketing of the book. I promote all ebooks through this website and also there are options for podcasting that can also help you get your message out there.

Self Publishing and Coaching Packages. I can help you: get clear on what is truly important in your writing, work on your unique core message/theme/story, neutralise the inner critic that can lead to writer’s block/over-editing, find an enlightened expansive structure for your writing, discover how you can generate inspired content/story, stay on track in your writing, feel at ease in becoming more visible in your writing,

Please send a message about your book idea/project and we can speak on email to see whether I can be of assistance.


Soul Matrix Publishing

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