This book is for anyone who has started a spiritual business or who is thinking about starting one. Ideal for entrepreneurial artists, coaches, healers, therapists, producers of holistic products, anyone wanting to engage more fully with the journey.


In 2010 a major transition kicked off in my life and three major things happened as a result. First my relationship of 12 happy years ended painfully. Secondly we sold the home that we loved. Thirdly I resigned from a career of 13 successful years directing a not-for-profit company. Relationship-home-career all going at the same time was the start of a huge journey for me. But this was not all.


I wrote this book as I was approaching a major transition in my work. This was not my first transition since this was my third major career. I started out working in international banking in the City of London. You could say I was a round peg trying to fit into a square hole. I stuck at it for ten long years before resigning.


For me abundance had not been an easy lesson to master. I grew up in circumstances that were far from abundant. I worked in International Banking for 10 years where I saw vast amounts of money move across the world on a daily basis. After leaving this career I went to work in local government where I experienced a different set of lessons around money and abundance.

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