All sessions are for a total of up to 2-hours. 


This group is an ongoing healing/coaching/mentoring group for anyone who has received one or more personal clearing sessions from me or who has attended one of my Multidimensional Clearing Webinars. Click HERE to learn more  

Infinity Mentoring Group.

This is a regular healing/clearing/coaching/mentoring group of maximum 8 people. These groups will be held regularly through 2021.

This group is an ongoing healing/coaching/mentoring group for those who have done at least one personal session with Steve or who have attended one Multidimensional Clearing Webinar. You may also be able to join by emailing a request (see form at bottom of the page) stating how long you have been following this work and also including information on your spiritual practice. 

 I created this group to assist Starseeds on an ongoing basis during this intense ascension period. The focus of the group is on moving beyond challenges to a space of greater possibility. 

Steve Nobel

The Power of 8. When individuals in a small group focus their intention together on a single intention a powerful collective energetic wave occurs that can be used for healing and manifesting. In her book, The Power of Eight, Lynne McTaggart revealed her findings from 10 years of experiments on how group intention can heal our lives – and change the world for the better. These mentoring groups have been named Infinity since the symbol on its side is the number 8.

Working with your Source/Monad. This group works with your Source energy, your Monad which is our connection to Source/God-Goddess All That Is. 

Invoking the Laws of Grace. This group works with the Spiritual Laws of Grace that are now active and enabled on this dimension of the earth plane. This works with angelic beings and masters of light that hold new frequencies capable of dissolving karma very quickly. 

Activating Your Team in Spirit. You have a team in Spirit that includes your Higher Self, I Am Presence and also various guides, angelic forces and star races.

Vibrational Healing/Psychic Protection. The group works with a number of vibrational healing tools including the use of sacred symbols and sacred geometry. These can be used to clear the energy fields and install new layers of psychic protection. 

Healing and Manifesting.  All blocks are energetic in nature. This group focuses essentially on clearing limitations and blocks and aligning members to a higher flow where miracles become commonplace. 

Infinity Mentoring Group.

Making an Enquiry. If you want to ask more about the suitability of this group please contact me using the form below.

There is no charge for rescheduling prior to the appointment.

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Before allowing you to join if you have not done either a Personal Clearing Session with Steve or one of the Multidimensional Clearing webinars you need to include the following answers in your enquiry below:
How long have you been following the work?
What kind of spiritual path are you on?
What major issues or challenges do you have at the moment?

Enquiry: Infinity Mentoring Group

7 + 15 =

Thank you for the session yesterday. I am SO grateful! I’m happy that I asked, and you were available. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

You really are brilliant and gifted and your way of being and sharing in a caring and strong way was inspired. This is simply a huge thank you! I feel different and what that is has yet to be revealed. Certainly toward peace and understanding.


The darkness, the pain, that debilitating depression and hopeless has lifted. I can literary feel my energy field is more expanded, lighter and clearer. 🙂 Like the weight of the world has lifted of my shoulders.

And there is this inner peace and hope and trust and knowing, that even though I do not see my path clearly yet – it’s all ok, and I will. It is such a liberating state of being! It’s been 3 days after our session, and each day it gets better and better!!

Today especially: I feel so blessed and grateful! Love – that’s the best word for how I feel. Love, that brings tears to my eyes, with its intensity!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Dearest Steve,
I wanted to tell you this sort of privately, due to the nature of this miracle. (ie LOTS of people want to get off of anti-depressants….)
I have been on 225 mgs/daily of Effexor for YEARS. Have tried to get off of them, by myself or with the help of Doctors. Every time I would experience horrendous side effects or plunge into a deep depression.

After I ‘’found’ you, lol, and started doing your meditations (which I could not have, had you not closed-captioned them), Spirit told me to drop the Effexor down 75 mgs. to 150. No side effects! I could scarcely believe it. A bit later, I was guided to drop down again. That is where I am at now, and honestly feel like I could go off. This is just unprecedented , and truly a miracle!! So guessing one of the meditations (the one that rid me of old contracts, etc. perhaps) did this.

Anyway, just thought you would enjoy hearing about a true miracle…that occurred because of you.
Love and blessings. 


I was hoping for some magic and found just that in today’s Soul Matrix Healing session. Steve systematically detected and cleared unhelpful past-life memories and vows, and left me with a feeling of lightness and possibility. The card reading was very insightful and encouraging also. It affirmed I’m on the right track and encouraged me to reveal and share my psychic gifts in ways that I’ve never dared to before. How very exciting! Thank you, dear Steve, I’ll be coming for more!

Elena Angel

intuitive teacher, coach, mentor, founder of The Ultimate Connection Coaching & Soul Mate expert

The soul matrix session was beyond belief. Steve was able to pinpoint the hidden issues and then dismantle each one.It was a powerful and profound healing, that left me feeling alive and empowered. I have done a lot of healing, but nothing comes close to this,I feel like a blank canvas. I can now paint with joy, vitality and exuberance.


“Thank you so much for the fantastic Soul Matrix Healing session yesterday it was amazing. I’m still processing loads of information I feel so much more whole with lost self knowledge returning all the time. I’m originally from somewhere where communication happened just by thought and I’ve discovered that’s why I find it hard to communicate here. There’s so much I want to tell you about but words cannot really convey what I mean but I will try to go through the main things I got from the session………..

Thanks once again Steve, you do a magnificent job essential to creating the reality of the new earth – really needed in the context of many waking up. I’ll be in touch again.”



Steve Nobel is a master healer. He has such finely tuned intuition, years of experience working with people, and a wide set of tools. His work is deep, fast and powerful. He is the healer all the healers go to.

Dominique Mallee Meeroff

Creator of Metamorphic Journeys

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