What is a Starseed?

This is a resource area for Starseeds. A Starseed is someone who is not native to this 3D reality of earth. Lightworkers are almost always Starseeds. Starseeds are here to wake up from this lower frequency matrix and assist in creating a 5D world of love and uniy consciousness. Starseeds fall asleep when entering this world and forget their multidimensional nature. This changes when they start to wake up. This library contains material that can really help in this process.

Welcome to the Podcast Library. Free Material on Ascension, Awakening, Energy Healing, Starseeds and More,

This is a free resource area for people interested in a range of spiritual subjects. These include: ascension, awakening, energy healing, and other material of especial interest to Starseeds and Lightworkers. This Library contains material from a range of contributors.

There are interviews, meditations, transmission and ebooks to help you connect more deeply with your chosen subject area. This is a dynamic and growing library with content added each week. So please do check in regularly to find the latest updates. This library contains interviews and meditations on subject areas such as:

• ascension • awakening • activation • energy healing, • psychic protection, • starseeds • karma release • spiritual healing techniques • meditations to connect with your Higher Self & helpful forces in the universe •


Free Resources:


This is a free resource for ebooks on ranging topics for Starseeds and Lightworkers.


This is a free library of meditations and transmissions for abundance, ascension and freedom.


Click here to enter the free resource library that contains affirmations for Lightworkers and Starseeds.


These are podcast interview on a range of topics that will interest anyone who follows the Soul Matrix.

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