I want you to know how powerful that Implant Removal meditation/transmission was. I have been suffering from left lower pelvic pain for 23 years. Yes, 23. It is now gone. I felt it happening during the transmission.The finding of it and the removal. There has been no pain, no discomfort, no awareness of that area since that moment of the transmission. The space left feels hollow/light. Its rather bazaar. I have been testing it for 4 or so weeks. It is not coming back. This event has been very overwhelming on so many levels. Tears of sorrow and joy. Its still hard to put into words. Another strange aspect is that I can hardly tell anyone…..
Words of “Thanks” are not enough.

Heather Mitchell

I had an amazing experiense, listening to the Lyran starseed…downloading the 5D, I cryed of thankfulness 3 times during this, my palms were flattened out totally, never seen my palm like this, almost impossible posture. My face was like opened up. had a little pain but was not afraid. Still shaking and my palms still so hot and for a long time like a stream of water flowing inside my palms. thank you for this and i am going to follow you and explore more videos. Namaste

I want to share and experience with Steve because of all the joy I have received from his meditations. I was sitting meditating and visualizing the golden white light from the universe entering my body and then I felt something not quite complete with this. Just like I never really could fully relate to breathing in this light and exhaling all the darkness out into the Universe .Every skin pore on my body became a portal for this light and energy to enter and I could feel all the darkness and negativity dissolve in this golden white light inside my body and when I exhaled I exhaled an even brighter light than what I had inhaled. Unbelievable to feel myself adding to the beauty and light of this beautiful planet and not sending all my darkness out. Making every pore on my body the portal felt so complete and not just the crown chakra etc.There are so many meditators breathing out negativity into the universe and not realizing what is really happening, If all meditators would send out beautiful light WOW. Love your site.


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