Bespoke Soul Matrix 121 Transmissions

Bespoke Soul Matrix Transmissions are a wonderful way to use transmission work to gracefully neutralise personal issues in your external reality, invite and enhance soul qualities into your life and allow new doors of energetic possibility to gently open.

If you have listened to any of the transmissions on offer through this website (or via YouTube or another social media site) you will know they are a wonderful way to connect with angelic energies and light grids from the earth core and the Central Sun. These energies can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your personal reality.

Everything in this world is in a state of vibration. Your core vibration interacts with the outer world in a dance that creates your reality from moment to moment. Every thought, feeling,choice and interaction has an impact in the world and also on your overall energy level and state of being.You are either raising or lowering your vibration. Change is constant, there’s no staying the same! A transmission helps you increase your light quotient and core vibration.

The process is simple. When you book this service you just email certain details and a session through Skype is arranged. The transmission is recorded, edited with music and sent to you so that you can access and activate the energies in the weeks after the session. A session is around 50 minutes. Your investment for this service is £95.

Once you have made the payment please complete the contact form below. Please include your birth time/date/place (time can be approximate if not known for sure but if this is estimated please mention this). In the message field please write something about your current challenges and dreams. Remember to focus as much on what you want to allow/attract/invite into your reality as the energies you would like to neutralise.

Bespoke Soul Matrix Transmissions

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