Book a Reading

Readings take place either in person or over Skype. A session usually lasts for about 50-60 mins. Recordings of a session are available upon request. Skype sessions cost £60 and face to face sessions cost £80.


Please contact us (via contact form on this website) to arrange and do specify it is for a Soul Matrix Reading and include your preference for either Skype or Face to Face and desired date/times.

Soul Matrix Readings

These are a beautiful deep and loving way to a higher and more inspiring perspective on your life. A reading is an essential reminder of the intrinsic and infinite magical nature of life and the universe around us. Every one of us is a star and every human being is multidimensional and intimately connected to the universe in ways we cannot imagine. This means that when we are in the magical flow of life, which is beyond fear and blocks, then we are on the magical carpet ride where everything is possible.

A reading includes both magical oracle cards to look at specific issues plus Intuition to provide an overview of your energetic essence and how you can most effectively express that energy in the world to lead a more fulfilling life. A reading will help you feel more deeply connected to yourself and can help enormously in understanding your relationship with yourself and your soul as well as with others in a personal, work or business setting and in romantic and intimate relationships.

A reading offers you insight, intuitive support and inspiration in challenging and important areas of your life that need to shift right now. A reading can help you: Gain clarity on your situation, Feel more confident and resourceful, Help you to make important decisions, Believe in yourself and trust your own intuition, Open your heart to love and possibility, Inspire you to take the next steps in your life.

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