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Shamanism is the oldest spiritual path on the planet. This well-trodden channel is now activating for many at this time of ascension/global transition.

The old ways are calling once again. Perhaps you are being called to shamanism (actually it would be more accurate to say shamanism is calling you) and have no idea where to start!

All sessions are for a total of up to 75 minutes. 

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20 January 2022 1:17 pm

We are living in interesting times. I believe that there are many here who are being called to this ancient path. Many have walked this path in other lifetimes. This is a path of radical transformation. As you may know we are in a time of powerful change, the world we know is dying and a new world is calling to be born. Many individuals are being called by Spirit to awaken. Here are some tell-tale signs that the spirits are calling to you:

  1. You’ve been through some strong life challenges – In indigenous cultures, someone called to the shamanic path was often tested by a severe ordeal. The tribe recognised the potential shaman as being the one who survived being mauled by a lion or struck by lightning. In modern cultures, someone called to the shamanic path encounters very different types of ordeals. may not literally be struck by lightning. This cab come in the form of emotional or physical abuse, and it can also come as a near-death experience.
  1. You feel you do not fit into the modern world – Shamans have traditionally tended to live on the edge of the tribal village and did not mingle as others did. In tribal cultures this was understood and recognized but nowadays it is not culturally understood which often means there is a feeling of not fitting in.
  1. You feel most at home in nature – Because you do not fit into the human world you feel more at home in nature. You may sense that nature is talking to you or that you feel most connected when surrounded by the elements. You may feel things others don’t feel, see things others don’t see, hear things others don’t hear, smell things others don’t smell, and sense things others don’t sense. This is normal when the spirits call.
  1. You feel overly sensitive to certain energies – You may feel over-stimulated in public situations especially in crowds or when too much is going on. You may be labelled as being “too sensitive.” You feel toxic energies around you and react accordingly. You can read people and situations easily. You can absorb negative energies, until you learn to work with your allies in spirit to clear ‘negative’ energies and situations.
  1. You feel the call of spirituality – You may feel a powerful pull to explore different forms of spirituality. You may have felt disappointed by some of these paths. You may have been searching for some time and have no idea what you are looking for. The unseen realm may be reaching out to you through your meditations and dreams. Perhaps you have been visited by animal totems or touched by shamans in the spirit world who want to make contact with you.

      6. Heeding the Call – This is a path that was chosen before birth. Once chosen in this life it involves stripping away all that is not in alignment with your Soul’s path. This can mean things changing dramatically in your life. As the path opens you will learn how to                  work with energy and thus help yourself and others in a new way you never thought possible. You will find yourself magically empowered in a time on the planet where your presence and engagement is very much required.

Star Shamanism – I am offering Star Shamanism sessions for people interested in connecting with the shamanic path. These sessions work within the medicine wheel and include a reading of your Akashic/Soul Records to determine all ‘past’ connections with shamanism and if it is the right path for you right now. Sessions include:
Connection to the Golden Web – The web of life interconnects the physical world with the spirit worlds. This work includes connection to the crystalline earth grid and the ascension grid around the planet.

Spirit Allies – Sessions reconnect individuals to their spirit allies in all three worlds, lower, middle and upper. Spirit allies can come in the form of stone, plant, animal beings as well as human guides, star guides and angels. Spirit allies come as guides, healers and protectors. Working with the assistance of their helping spirits, we can heal and restore power where life experiences has blocked pathways of inner power.

Shamanic Journey – Shamans can redirect their focused awareness away from everyday physical reality into the hidden, inner spirit worlds. This conscious shifting of awareness is called shamanic journeying. Sessions teach you how to journey into the web of life to connect with your spirit allies. Journeying is a tool for spiritual growth. It can be used for healing, to obtain information, to gain guidance on issues or choices and in working through psychological issues.

Energy Extraction – Shamans work with energy extraction to draw out misplaced energy. No energy is truly bad from a shamanic perspective, however, some energies do not belong in a human body and bring discord or illness. In a session we will work together to track and extract ‘alien’ energies from your body.

Soul Loss/Retrieval – Shamans view the soul very differently from Western religions. The soul is seen as a gestalt of energies that work within the physical body and the energy fields. So the heart can have a soul as can any other part of the body. Pieces of our light can leave us under certain circumstances. For instance experience of abuse can cause soul loss as can a trauma or even love where the beloved leaves and a piece of us follows them. Calling back this light is essential to maintain a healthy and happy life on the earth-plane. Some of the symptoms that would indicate soul loss include: Depression, Feeling incomplete, Inability to move forward on some issue, Feeling part of you died when…

Connection to Ancestral Line – There is much help available from the ancestral lines. Sometimes guides may come in the form of family members you know who have departed. Sometimes they come from deeper down the line. There is often healing that needs to be done with the ancestral lines. Another aspect of this work is that shamanic practitioners can track and guide the souls of the recently deceased to connect the departed to helpful spirits who will guide the soul on its journey “home”? This may or may not be something that is included in sessions.

Investing in a Session – This is £200 for one session which usually lasts around an hour and a quarter. Because my schedule is very full I am removing, for now, the option to buy a package of three sessions. Please make the payment below and then you will be asked to complete a booking form.

Please note there is no charge for rescheduling prior to the appointment. However, there is a £50 charge for not showing up and then requesting a rescheduling of your appointment subsequently (within 24 hours otherwise a new session will have to be booked).

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