Attunement – The Inner Child. Talk: Ascension – The shift into 5D. We must upgrade our negative critical self sabotaging ego, we cannot take a 3D ego into 5D. Our 3D ego seeks to protect our vulnerability. As we move into 5D we embrace our vulnerability. We understand true power includes our vulnerability. 5D can happen very quickly at a personal level, much slower at a planetary level. Shifts in energy – grids, chakra system is evolving. Darkness is being shifted out. Starseeds – Who are they, why are they here. Wanderer souls. Roles. Light, Earth, Creative, Techno, Crypto-Warriors, Awakeners. Waves of Starseeds. Exploring the 5D chakra system – The chakra system is evolving due to the increased light. In 3D chakras are perceived as cones, in 5D they become spheres. In 3D most people only operate within the first three chakras, base, sacral and solar plexus. The awakening of the chakra system means we are going from a 7-centre system to a 12-centre system. Base – Soul Tribe (often beyond our blood tribe), abundance. Blocking vows of scarcity. Sacral – Conscious sexuality. Blocking vows of renunciation. Solar Plexus – owning our full power and light. Blocking vows thru trauma. Heart – point of balance between heaven and earth. Blocking vows of love. Throat – soul mission. Blocking vows – self-expression/soul light. Third Eye – soul journeying, exploring timelines, focus – reality creation. Blocking vows, often religious that disapprove of/fear psychic awakening. Crown – Universal consciousness. Blocking spiritual vows. Transmission – Awakening and Expanding Your 5D Chakra System.


Session Two: Clearing and Upgrading the Emotional Body.

Attunement: Clearing our emotional body. Talk: The basic premise for emotional healing is that all emotions need to be embraced, felt and expressed in whatever way feels appropriate. E-Motion is energy in motion. Like water emotions are meant to flow otherwise they stagnate and go toxic. There are no good or bad emotions. The Power of the 3D Familiarity Zone. Why familiarity can keep us locked within an unhappy or painful zone. The pull of the soul to leave the zone versus the resistance of the ego. Your soul calling is out of the zone. This is the path of the spiritual adult. Fear is one of the most powerful guardians we have to face when leaving the 3D Familiarity Zone. Survival issues = Better the devil you know. When we embrace all our emotions, all our vulnerability, we end the internal war between light and dark and are in a better place to move forward. Exercise: Working with emotion as energy that seeks to move within the body. Using awareness, intention and breath to transform old stuck energies within the body. Transmission: Clearing the Bloodlines of emotional interference, cords and agreements that block your soul’s light. Then we move into reparenting the inner child.

Session Three: Clearing and Upgrading the Mental Body.

Attunement: Coming to the Present Moment. Talk 1: Ascension and the evolution of the mental body.  Upgrading the ego. Upgrading your sense of identity. Upgrading our limiting stories. Upgrading our limiting beliefs. Reversing our limiting Mantra. Exercise: Expanding our limiting stories. Talk 2: Continuing these themes. Transmission: Bringing more light into the lower chakras and seeding all chakras with the light of higher possibility.

Session Four: Clearing and Upgrading the Spiritual Bodies.

Attunement: Connecting with your team of the highest light in Spirit. Talk: Ascension and multidimensional human potential. 3D has been a great passage of separation consciousness. Part of the spectrum of our evolutionary journey from the Divine, away and then back again. We are heading to a phase/time where we are no longer small separate beings lost on the great ocean of existence. We are part of the great ocean from the drop to the ocean itself. We live in a vast multiverse. The nature of dimensionality. Vibration is everything. There is much help and support. Angelic forces. Star races. Ascended beings. Masters of light. Guides. Higher Self. I Am Presence. Two Exercises: 1. Dreaming our day/evening into being + 2. Scripting a 5D reality. Transmission: Connecting with your team of the highest light in Spirit. Releasing old limiting 3D scripts and creating a new 5D script.


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