Thank you for the session yesterday. I am SO grateful! I’m happy that I asked, and you were available. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I had listened to many of your discussions/interviews and your meditations — all very very insightful. Yet this personal session was beyond. I felt so very safe and real. You really are brilliant and gifted and your way of being and sharing in a caring and strong way was inspired. This is simply a huge thank you! I feel different and what that is has yet to be revealed. Certainly toward peace and understanding.


Thank-you so much!!! Finding it difficult to express myself right now but overall the session was definitely amazing for me!!

I’m pretty blown away!!!  🙂  Feel extremely blessed to have connected with you and for the session.

Sathy, Yoga Teacher.

Steve Nobel is a master healer. He has such finely tuned intuition, years of experience working with people, and a wide set of tools. His work is deep, fast and powerful. He is the healer all the healers go to.

Dominique Mallee Meeroff

Creator of Metamorphic Journeys

I was hoping for some magic and found just that in today’s Soul Matrix Healing session. Steve systematically detected and cleared unhelpful past-life memories and vows, and left me with a feeling of lightness and possibility. The card reading was very insightful and encouraging also. It affirmed I’m on the right track and encouraged me to reveal and share my psychic gifts in ways that I’ve never dared to before. How very exciting! Thank you, dear Steve, I’ll be coming for more!

Elena Angel

intuitive teacher, coach, mentor, founder of The Ultimate Connection Coaching & Soul Mate expert

The soul matrix session was beyond belief. Steve was able to pinpoint the hidden issues and then dismantle each one.It was a powerful and profound healing, that left me feeling alive and empowered. I have done a lot of healing, but nothing comes close to this,I feel like a blank canvas. I can now paint with joy, vitality and exuberance.


Soul Matrix Healing

This is a unique healing system created by Steve Ahnael Nobel which is really a synthesis of some of the best healing systems he has found over the past 20 years. Sessions are a blend of energy clearing and intuitive coaching. Sessions can include:

Accessing and clearing the Akashic Records which can clear multidimensional blocks. This helps to reconnect a person to their Higher Self and guides and anchors them more fully on the 5D Timeline. This approach includes a synergy of various healing techniques including Spiritual Response Therapy, Quantum Radionics, and Metatronic Healing. It also utilises personal transformational tools such as Coaching Techniques, Conversational Hypnosis. and Voice Dialogue.

The Soul Matrix Healing Approach.

The Beginning of a Session. The session begins with a brief chat around issues/challenges and dreams. Then energy measurements are taken on your overall vitality, chakra opening/alignment, groundedness, connection to Source Energy, and a number of other energy readings. These are used to pinpoint areas of energetic/spiritual challenge. Also, the astrological blueprint is checked so it is necessary to send date/time/place of birth.

Working with your Source/Monad. This system works with your Source energy, your Monad which is our connection to Source/God-Goddess All That Is. From this place we clear all blocks to your Higher Self (any extra links between you and your HS that need to be removed) and we can even raise the frequency of your Higher Self to the highest light. Please note that your Higher Self is part of your multidimensional nature that vibrates within the 6th dimension range. Your HS is a bridge between your 3D dimensional self and the higher dimensions. It is the gatekeeper that stands at the gate allowing guides and angelic help through.

Clearing/Opening the Akashic Records. A breakthrough session works to clear the Akashic Records (which is another term for Soul Records). Karmic problems/programs, vows, psychic contracts, soul-loss can be worked on. A session can also access and clear problems in the family-ancestral lines. Working with the Akashic can also reconnect you to gifts. Skills, qualities and other resources gained over many other lifetimes. This opens you more to the full power and beauty of the soul’s light.

Past Life Regression/Future Life Progression. Most sessions work where a layer of lifetimes connected to a particular issue that can thus be released with more ease and grace. Occasionally it is necessary for the client to experience more fully a lifetime that is causing some difficulty. Future life progression is less common in a session and happens when it is necessary to check on the progression of a specific issue or project to make sure everything is clear.

Vibrational Healing/Psychic Protection. A session includes the use of a number of vibrational healing tools including the use of sacred symbols and sacred geometry. These can be used to clear the energy fields and install new layers of psychic protection. A session can identify and remove hooks, tears, leakages, intrusions, implants, astral junk plus cords and portals (see below).

Cord Cutting. This is a very common problem and thus a common procedure in such sessions. There are a number of ways to do this, the most common methods are either cutting (Archangel Michael electric blue sword of light) or by dissolving the cord. Any hidden vows are also cleared to enable freedom between the client and another person, group or situation.

Closing Negative Portals. This is a less common problem but it does affect many clients that I see, Some portals are a combination of light and dark and some are simply dark and problematic. There is a portal closing procedure that also clears any energies or entities gaining access to your energy fields via this opening. Some portals are positively orientated and are a blessing and thus are left alone. 

Soul Retrieval. In some cases soul parts have been lost and need to be retrieved. It is also the case that soul parts can be unconsciously collected by clients and need to be returned safely. All returning soul parts are sent via the Higher Self to ensure cleansing and safe delivery.

DNA Activation. The key to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution lies within our DNA. The potential encoded into our original Divine DNA Template is that of the 12 strands. This is the gateway to access multidimensional consciousness. In addition to our 2-double helix DNA strands we have 10 DNA strands in the etheric body. These additional 10 strands presently lie dormant within the majority of souls here on the earth-plane. Humanity’s evolutionary goal on Earth is to assemble and activate this 12 strand DNA Template to activate the transmutational ascension process.

Invoking the Laws of Grace. A session works with the Spiritual Laws of Grace that are now active and enabled on this dimension of the earth plane. This works with angelic beings and masters of light that hold new frequencies capable of dissolving karma very quickly. These are more commonly known as the violet flame, the platinum white flame, the ruby flame, the emerald flame. A session works with the I AM Presence of a client.

Intuitive Coaching. Some sessions include intuitive coaching to help guide the client through specific life challenges and open up inner resources released through the energy clearing.

Activating Your Soul Plan. A session works to clear and uplift all energy bodies leaving you feeling clearer and lighter. It helps to clear blocks to your soul essence and helps you feel more in alignment with your soul mission/plan.


Making an Enquiry. If you want to ask more about the suitability of a session please contact me using the form below.

Investing in a Session. This is £95 for one session which usually lasts around an hour and a half. You can also buy a package of three sessions for £250. Please make the payment below and then complete the message form below. Please include all issues you wish to work on. Please note that a breakthrough session is needed to include DNA Clearing/Activation work. This is very deep and profound clearing and needs a minimum of 2 hours usually. A DNA Clearing/Activation session is £145.


Soul Matrix Healing

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