The Spiritual Entrepreneur

I have just finished reading your fabulous book. It has helped me a great deal on my journey from leaving teaching in a primary school to setting up my own children’s yoga business. I have a big vision to set up a children’s well-being centre and this book has helped me build the bones of that future vision with my own yoga teaching business and with the personal growth steps I needed. Each morning I read a chapter of your book. I love how you have meditations and transmissions at the end of each chapter – they are so accessible and make a profound difference, consolidating the learning from the chapter. Your meditations have really helped me deal with scarcity issues and fear during this transition.” – Kate, South Australia.

This book is for anyone who has started a spiritual business or who is thinking about starting one. Ideal for entrepreneurial artists, coaches, healers, therapists, producers of holistic products, and anyone wanting to engage more fully with the journey.

This book is a practical guide for anyone wishing to:

  • Gain a clear sense of vision and direction for their business.
  • Align their core values with their business.
  • Go beyond struggle and scarcity in their business.
  • Become more visible by moving beyond resistance.
  • Expand what they think is possible for their business.
  • Enhance their business energetically.
  • Use intuition and feedback from the world.
  • Connect with their support team in Spirit.
  • Allow their business to be creative play.
  • Allow more ease, flow, and grace.
  • Activate their multidimensional gifts.
  • Attract a loyal tribe of clients.
  • Embrace synchronicity, grace, and divine providence.