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This is a unique healing system created by Steve Ahnael Nobel which is really a synthesis of some of the best healing systems he has found over the past 30 years. Sessions are a blend of energy clearing and intuitive coaching. A session can include:

Accessing and clearing the Akashic Records which can clear multidimensional blocks. This helps to reconnect a person to their Higher Self and guides and anchors them more fully on the 5D Timeline. This approach includes a synergy of various healing techniques including Spiritual Response Therapy, Quantum Radionics, Lotus Sword Lightbody Surgery, and Metatronic Healing. It also utilises personal transformational tools such as Coaching Techniques, Conversational Hypnosis. and Voice Dialogue.



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25 April 2024 12:54 am

The Soul Matrix Healing Approach

Sessions are Suitable for Starseeds. However, you will need to have English as your first language or have a good ability to express yourself in English. Sessions are not suitable if you are taking heavy medication for a mental health issue. They are not suitable if you have an alcohol or drug addiction that is current.

The Beginning of a Session. Sessions are a co-creative experience where I work with you, your Higher Self and Team in Spirit. A session begins with a brief chat around issues/challenges and the desired outcomes for a session. The session begins with permission from the client (and then all other levels of permission is checked including unconscious mind, soul and spirit).

Working with your Source/Monad. This system works with your Source energy, your Monad which is our connection to Source/God-Goddess All That Is. From this place we clear all blocks to your Higher Self and we can even raise the frequency of your Higher Self to the highest light. Please note that your Higher Self is part of your multidimensional nature that vibrates within the 6th dimension range. Your HS is a bridge between your 3D dimensional self and the higher dimensions, it is the gatekeeper that stands at the gate allowing guides and angelic help through.

Invoking the Laws of Grace. A session works with the Spiritual Laws of Grace that are now active and enabled on this dimension of the earth plane. This works with angelic beings and masters of light that hold new frequencies capable of dissolving karma very quickly. These are more commonly known as the violet flame, the platinum white flame, the ruby flame, the emerald flame. A session works with the I AM Presence of a client.

Investing in a Session. This is £288 for one session which usually lasts around an hour and a half. Because my schedule is very full I am removing, for now, the option to buy a package of three sessions. Please make the payment below and then you will be asked to complete a booking form.

Rescheduling and Cancellations: Please note there is no charge for rescheduling prior to the appointment. You can also cancel a session giving 48 hours notice and a full refund will be given. However, there is a £50 charge for not showing up and then requesting a rescheduling of your appointment subsequently (within 24 hours otherwise a new session will have to be booked.

What to Expect in a Session

What to Expect in a Session. Basic clearing. 

An initial session clears a variety of problems in the energy field and strengthen your connection to you Higher Self, angels and guides. This session checks for any negative portals/openings in your energy field and if found seals them and clears any lower frequency energies or entities accessing your energy fields.

Activating Your Team in Spirit. You have a team in Spirit that includes your Higher Self, I Am Presence and also various guides, angelic forces and star races.

Vibrational Healing. A session includes the use of a number of vibrational healing tools including the use of sacred symbols and sacred geometry. These can be used to clear the energy fields and install new layers of psychic protection. A session can identify and remove hooks, tears, leakages, intrusions, implants, astral junk plus cords and negative portals (see below). Also extra layers of protection can be placed in the energy field as necessary and appropriate.


Ascension Coaching. Sessions often include intuitive coaching to help guide the client through specific life challenges and open up inner resources released through the energy clearing. This includes sub-personality work as required to bring the inner family of selves in line with your Higher Self’s vision of your life and your highest timeline.

Activating Your Soul Plan. A session works to clear and uplift all energy bodies leaving you feeling clearer and lighter. It helps to clear blocks to your soul essence and helps you feel more in alignment with your soul mission/plan. Working with the Akashic can also reconnect you to gifts. Skills, qualities and other resources gained over many other lifetimes. This opens you more to the full power and beauty of the soul’s light.

5D Chakra Upgrade. This can sometimes be a whole session in itself. Everyone in the ascension process is going through an energy upgrade that is affecting the chakra system. In a session all chakras are checked, opened and aligned with the crystalline and solar grids. Any problems or programming associated with the outgoing 3D timeline is removed and thus you are more aligned with the incoming 5D matrix/timeline.

Clearing the Akashic Records. A session opens and accesses the Akashic Records (which is another term for Soul Records). Karmic problems/programs, vows, psychic contracts, soul-loss can be opened and cleared. Similarly any problems with another being or group can be cleared.

Cord Cutting/Dissolving. This is a very common problem and thus a common procedure in such sessions. There are a number of ways to do this, the most common methods are either cutting (Archangel Michael electric blue sword of light) or by dissolving the cord (Archangel Raphael). Any hidden vows are also cleared to enable freedom between the client and another person, group or situation.

Vow Breaks. This is an important aspect of energy clearing work since agreements, contracts, promises and vows can be a source of much psychic problems and interference.

Bloodline Clearing. Very importantly all issues with bloodlines are checked and cleared. Then you will be anchored to the more positive energetic resources and beings on the bloodlines. Remember these bloodlines go back into infinity, Not all beings there are locked into the 3D Matrix.

Entity Removal. Entity attachments are not uncommon and can mostly be easily cleared and removed. There is a spectrum of entity attachments ranging from a wandering earthbound soul to more malign energies such as those who could be called Satanic or Demonic. (***Please note that most entities are easy to remove though if you feel entities have been in possession of your field for a long time, i.e. manipulating your thoughts and feelings, then releasing them is not always a simple matter. One session may not release all such interference and I am too fully booked to do multiple sessions. It might be worth finding another healer in such cases.***)


Closing Negative Portals. This is a less common problem but it does affect many clients that I see. Some portals are a combination of light and dark and some are simply dark and problematic. There is a portal closing procedure that also clears any energies or entities gaining access to your energy fields via this opening. Some portals are positively orientated and are a blessing and thus are left alone. 

Energy Extraction. No energy is truly bad from a Star Shamanism perspective, however, some energies do not belong in a human body and bring discord or illness. In a session we will work together to track and extract ‘alien’ energies from your body.

Soul Loss/Retrieval. From a Star Shamanism perspective, the soul is viewed very differently from Western religions. The soul is seen as a gestalt of energies that work within the physical body and the energy fields. So the heart can have a soul as can any other part of the body. Pieces of our light can leave us under certain circumstances. For instance experience of abuse can cause soul loss as can a trauma or even love where the beloved leaves and a piece of us follows them. Calling back this light is essential to maintain a healthy and happy life on the earth-plane. Some of the symptoms that would indicate soul loss include: Depression, feeling incomplete, an inability to move forward on some issue, feeling part of you left during some trauma. 

Soul Fragments. It is also the case that soul fragments from another person can attach to a client’s energy fields that need to be returned safely to a Temple of Healing. All returning soul parts are sent via the Higher Self to ensure cleansing and safe delivery.

Past Life Regression. Most sessions work where a layer of lifetimes connected to a particular issue that can thus be released with more ease and grace. This can involve working with clearing past timelines. Occasionally it is necessary for the client to experience more fully a lifetime that is causing some difficulty.

Future Life Progression. Future life progression happens when it is necessary to check on the progression of a specific issue or project to make sure everything is clear. There are may timelines opening up now that lead to the New 5D Earth. 

DNA Activation. The key to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution lies within our DNA. The potential encoded into our original Divine DNA Template is that of the 12 strands. This is the gateway to access multidimensional consciousness. In addition to our 2-double helix DNA strands we have 10 DNA extra strands in the etheric body. These additional 10 strands presently lie dormant within the majority of souls here on the earth-plane. Humanity’s evolutionary goal on Earth is to assemble and activate this 12 strand DNA Template to activate the transmutational ascension process.