Joy at Work

Originally published by Watkins 2012 under the title The Enlightenment of Work.
This book will be published on 11th April 2023

I originally wrote this book as I was approaching a major transition in my work. This was not my first transition. I started out working in international banking in the City of London. You could say I was a round peg trying to fit into a square hole. I stuck at it for ten long years before resigning. My next career was in local government which was nicer in some respects and harder in others. After another ten years (getting to be a bit of a pattern) I resigned and intended to follow my heart to see where it led. After a couple of years doing all manner of paid and voluntary work I started working in an amazing organisation called Alternatives. This was a not for profit organisation that hosted events for self-help, personal development and spiritual awakening authors. I was finally home. After a couple of years there I was made a director of the company and stayed for 13 years. I am now on my final career, that of an author and spiritual entrepreneur.

With growing numbers of people feeling discontented at work in a post-pandemic era of the great resignation, Joy At Work offers essential reading. Whether you are feeling aimless and bored, only hanging on for the monthly wage, stressed, overworked or burnt out, this book offers a simple philosophy: suffering happens – but we can transform it. Using spiritual principles, Steve Nobel guides us to realising our innate gifts and reconnecting us with our authentic selves.

By working through practical exercises and calming meditations you can:

  • Learn to trust your instincts.
  • Reframe your limiting beliefs.
  • Rediscover your creativity.
  • Create copying strategies for when you’re stressed.
  • Renew your love for work.


The world of work is evolving and this book prompts you to change with it; transform your happy, unprofessional life into one of self-worth, passion and purpose. Let loose your trapped potential to find the work you were born to do, whether that is falling back in love with your job or moving on and finding different work that inspires you.

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If you’re in any way stuck in that horrible prison of a job or career you don’t love and feel you’re wasting your life away, I most strongly urge you to read this book – Steve A Nobel is genuine, a master at what he does and this book is a veritable gem.

Barefoot Doctor

Author of Super Charged Taoist

It’s not often a book manages to be so inspirational and informative, compassionate and practical, clear and thorough, simple and deep. This is the spiritual and compassionate path to finding your right work and loving what you do. Steve A Nobel’s approach to the world of work is inspired, insightful, practical, very real and truthful. A must read!

Arielle Essex

Author of Compassionate Coaching and NLP Trainer

We are entering a new age where old ideas and mindsets about work no longer fit. Quite simply, The Enlightenment of Work is a radical and revolutionary guide for anyone (and everyone) willing to pioneer a new world of work that is soul-satisfying, impactful and very different. Viva la revolution!

Barbara Winter