The Prosperity Game

For me abundance had not been an easy lesson to master. I grew up in circumstances that were far from abundant. I worked in International Banking for 10 years where I saw vast amounts of money move across the world on a daily basis. After leaving this career I went to work in local government where I experienced a different set of lessons around money and abundance.
I wrote this book in 2006 when I was a director of Alternatives. By this time I had been a director there for 6 years.

I was learning about money and possibility at the coal face. I remained a director until the Winter Solstice of 2012 when I left to begin the next stage of my learning and growth.

This book is about the deeper nature of scarcity and prosperity. I have just uploaded the book to Kindle (June 2020). You can download the first three chapters for free. See the blue button below.

Just click the button below to download the pdf. If using a pc once open right click on the doc and ‘save as’ to your files. If using a mac right press the ctrl (or control) key when you tap the mouse button. Next simply open the ebook and read at your leisure. Doing it this way ensures a smoother read and enables the small number of links contained therein.

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Steve Nobel, in his unique masterful way, has weaved a magical carpet using the threads of spirituality, mythology, art, quantum mechanics, ecology, human behaviour. And taken us on a journey from our deepest fears of lack to an enlightened understanding of ourselves and our relationship with abundance.

Sangeeta Sah


The Prosperity game had a profound effect on me. This material will help you strip away layer upon layer of scarcity thinking and finally set you on the path to creating a life of adventure and prosperity. 

Davide de Angelis


This book is designed to help us move beyond the old game of struggle and limitation to a new game of possibility, love and a golden flow of abundant living.  

Steve Nobel

The Author

Intelligent, entertaining, practical, enriching. Steve Nobel shows you a way of being that gets to the heart and soul of true abundance. 

Robert Holden


Steve Nobel’s book takes you on a journey through the labyrinths of scarcity as they manifest in the world of work and money and brings you out into the light of possibility, grace and prosperity. 

Nick Williams