Free Starseeds Ebook

I recommend this eBook for everyone. I feel that no matter where you are on your journey of remembering (aka awakening), you may find some words of guidance and support, as well as some gentle reminders.

This eBook explores the nature and role of Starseeds on the Earth at this time of Global Ascension.

This eBook is not for everyone. Not everyone here on the earth is a Starseed. This eBook explores the signs of being a Starseed and their role on the earth at this time. Assuming that you are a Starseed here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • You are a multidimensional spiritual being,
  • You have experienced many worlds/dimensions of existence,
  • You are a high-frequency being of light,
  • Your true nature is love and unity consciousness,
  • You feel different because you are,
  • This 3D dimension is not your natural home,
  • You are here for a reason, a mission,
  • You are more resourceful than you know,
  • You are not alone, you are supported,
  • The world is going through a huge transition,
  • This transition involves a massive 5D shift in consciousness.


The best thing for me is the way its left open with so many possibilities/ options to continue in any direction…really anywhere (action, non-fiction, experiences from others, workshop exp, really anything to do with Starseeds) – if this was the intention its 100% there. Very exciting!” – Maya – Corporate Trainer and Mentor

I think this eBook is bold and inspirational, easy to read and just about the right length.” – Dawn, psychic/channel