Personal Transitions

Published November 2014 by Findhorn Press

This book is about a powerful and unique process that happens at important moments in our lives. This process I call ‘personal transition,’ although it is happening at a personal and also global level right now. At a personal level, it is about radical inner and outer transformation. At a global level, the planet is going through a major shift right now. This is a shift in consciousness that will take some decades  to  complete. A Transition is a powerful life shift. Some are gentle and graceful, others feel like a major crisis. All have the potential to generate spiritual awakening and internal resources that lead to a new life.  I went through a powerful shift that began in 2010 and lasted 6 years. This was essentially a dark night of the soul where everything changed. On the other side of the dark night a new life opened up. One that was more in alignment with my true soul calling. 

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This is a valuable and heart-felt book, written with much knowledge and generosity. The author has clearly experienced a powerful life transition and reflected on the experience very deeply, studied the anatomy of transition, and drawn much learning from it to share with others. As he suggests, in these turbulent times, we all need the find the courage and willingness to understand and fully embrace transition, so we can free ourselves from the collective grip of outdated and damaging patterns. This book can help us do that.

Justine Huxley

Director of St. Ethelbergas Centre for Reconciliation and Peace

Steve Nobel dives into the painful but transformative subject of transitions exploring individual and global change. Personal Transitions offers guidance to help you navigate your own life changes (whether you’ve chosen them or not) as gracefully as possible. While recognising that all transitions are different, Nobel considers how much more frequent a part of life such soul-shakers have become. After all, when we’ve come through a transition, there is gratitude for the better life the chaos and pain ultimately cleared the way for. A book that inspires a real sense of hope.

Eve Menezes Cunningham

Freelance psychology, health and well-being journalist / writer, owner at the Feel Better Every Day Consultancy

Personal Transitions is a vitally important book for our time. Steve weaves spiritual, psychological and metaphorical concepts to bring us into a higher understanding of what on earth is going on right now. He outlines the journey of personal transition and puts in into a larger planetary context. He works with a truly multi-layered (dimensional) approach, and wonderfully maps the way to know our inner radiance. So if you want to awaken the limitless potential within you and emerge into the true brilliance of our own light this is the book for you.

Vaz Shriharan

Founder/director of The London College of Spirituality

We humans are habitual creatures; we do not like sudden or fast paced change because it takes us deeper into the great unknown. If you are in a period of radical change then Steve Nobel’s “Personal Transitions” will take you firmly by the hand, give you the structure and tools to step forward in your life, and ultimately assist you to wake up. A must read!

Nicolas David Ngan

Author of Your Soul Contract Decoded: Discovering the Spiritual Map of Your Life with Numerology

This book came to me at a time when I was undergoing major changes in my life. These changes were no mere picnic in the park, but vast shifts that were affecting me on a deep level. I was certainly questioning everything – from my career to my relationships and even, heaven forbid, my spirituality. Personal Transitions is a powerful read – it helps you understand, accept, cope and surrender to whatever kind of transition you are going through. The end game of this book is to help you step into your light and shine.

Alexandra Wenman

Editor of Prediction Magazine

There are few subjects more important than how to navigate the big transitions in life. A transition is more than a change; it is a crossing over from one state to another. It can amount to dying and coming back. Steve Nobel offers us wise and very human guidance on how to release what is holding us back, recover our inner compass, and manifest our dreams of a richer and juicier life. He is a teacher who walks his talk, and is not shy about sharing his own experiences of falling down and sometimes struggling to get up again. This is the best kind of teacher, and Personal Transitions will help you to find and follow your own path of heart, the only path worth following.

Robert Moss

Author of Conscious Dreaming and Dreaming the Soul Back Home