Personal Transitions

(Published November 2014 by Findhorn Press) 

In 2010 a major transition kicked off in my life and three major things happened as a result. First my relationship of 12 happy years ended painfully. Secondly we sold the home that we loved. Thirdly I resigned from a career of 13 successful years directing a not-for-profit company. Relationship-home-career all going at the same time was the start of a huge journey for me. But this was not all.


More challenging was my inner journey. The trigger for the transition was a Kundalini experience that happened during a Tantra Meditation. The energy waves surged through me for some months at an intense rate before gradually lessening over the following 4-5 years.


This led me into a very difficult ‘dark night of the soul’ experience which was beyond depression (I had suffered from depression in my 20’s) and more a complete sense of loss, meaninglessness and at times intense fear and panic. I was unable to meditate or even sit easily in silence even though I was an experienced meditator and shamanic journeyer for many years. Whenever I tried I felt dark and hellish visions swarm over my consciousness. My intuition, which was quite highly attuned over many years of spiritual practise and meditation, was no longer functioning. My connection to my Higher Self was blown. I felt adrift in a great black sea,

So I was in serious trouble. Nothing was working anymore. My inner life felt torn apart and my outer life was in free-fall. I had trained in a number of healing modalities over the previous 20 years and when this transition hit none of those tools helped. I saw 18 healers and only one had any real idea of what was going on for me. During this ‘dark night’ episode there was 10 days in which I was blowing up electrical devices and crystals all around me. This was difficult to explain and when I tried I was mostly met with incredulity.

I began writing more as a journal than a serious book project. To be honest I never thought the dark night would end and I felt my life would somehow end quite soon. The process felt like I was dying. Eventually it became a book project more to hold my life together and give me a sense of meaning or purpose than any real need to publish another book. I did, however, want to write my story down and leave it to my family.


Personal Transitions is a spiritual map designed to assist you to move more easily and rapidly through those potent times in life when everything shifts. This book is a wonderful guide if you are facing change, and want to reconnect to the authentic track of your life and find your way forward.

Dina Glouberman

Skyros Holidays co-founder, best-selling author of The Joy of Burnout and You Are What You Imagine

We humans are habitual creatures; we do not like sudden or fast paced change because it takes us deeper into the great unknown. If you are in a period of radical change then Steve Nobel’s “Personal Transitions” will take you firmly by the hand, give you the structure and tools to step forward in your life, and ultimately assist you to wake up. A must read!

Nicolas David Ngan

Author of Your Soul Contract Decoded: Discovering the Spiritual Map of Your Life with Numerology

During the writing process, which slowly came to dominate these challenging years, I had the idea to find and connect with other people going through a transiiton process. This was not difficult as I discovered so many people were/are going through this life changing/spiritual awakening process. I discovered that there are three basic paths of transition. These three paths or contexts hold a vast diversity of life experiences. All three transition paths have a certain structure. Yes there is a beginning and an end and in-between there are other known stages.

Transition increasingly is including a spiritual dimension to the process. More and more people are waking up to a new level of consciousness. This does not happen by chance or luck. It happens very much like the caterpillar entering the void of the cocoon and after a process it leaves as a magnificent butterfly. Transition is a hero’s journey. Because we have free will we can refuse the journey. Yet refusing the journey has consequences and is effectively a choice for stagnation and staying asleep. A transition ends one phase of life and points us in the direction of another. Awakening and growth can happen by following an impulse for adventure or it can come through a time of great uncertainty, chaos, and crisis. Either way we will grow.

The good news, for me at least, is I survived the journey and lived to tell the tale. On the other side of this huge transition nothing looks or feels the same anymore. I feel I have been reborn or rebooted, something like that. I have a renewed sense of vitality and purpose and i know what I am here to do.

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Personal Transitions is a vitally important book for our time. Steve weaves spiritual, psychological and metaphorical concepts to bring us into a higher understanding of what on earth is going on right now. He outlines the journey of personal transition and puts in into a larger planetary context. He works with a truly multi-layered (dimensional) approach, and wonderfully maps the way to know our inner radiance. So if you want to awaken the limitless potential within you and emerge into the true brilliance of our own light this is the book for you.

Vaz Shriharan

founder/director of The London College of Spirituality

This book came to me at a time when I was undergoing major changes in my life. These changes were no mere picnic in the park, but vast shifts that were affecting me on a deep level. I was certainly questioning everything – from my career to my relationships and even, heaven forbid, my spirituality. Personal Transitions is a powerful read – it helps you understand, accept, cope and surrender to whatever kind of transition you are going through. The end game of this book is to help you step into your light and shine.

Alexandra Wenman

Editor of Prediction Magazine

This is a valuable and heart-felt book, written with much knowledge and generosity. The author has clearly experienced a powerful life transition and reflected on the experience very deeply, studied the anatomy of transition, and drawn much learning from it to share with others. As he suggests, in these turbulent times, we all need the find the courage and willingness to understand and fully embrace transition, so we can free ourselves from the collective grip of outdated and damaging patterns. This book can help us do that.

Justine Huxley

Director of St. Ethelbergas Centre for Reconciliation and Peace

Steve Nobel dives into the painful but transformative subject of transitions exploring individual and global change. Personal Transitions offers guidance to help you navigate your own life changes (whether you’ve chosen them or not) as gracefully as possible. While recognising that all transitions are different, Nobel considers how much more frequent a part of life such soul-shakers have become. After all, when we’ve come through a transition, there is gratitude for the better life the chaos and pain ultimately cleared the way for. A book that inspires a real sense of hope.

Eve Menezes Cunningham

Freelance psychology, health and well-being journalist / writer, owner at the Feel Better Every Day Consultancy

There are few subjects more important than how to navigate the big transitions in life. A transition is more than a change; it is a crossing over from one state to another. It can amount to dying and coming back. Steve Nobel offers us wise and very human guidance on how to release what is holding us back, recover our inner compass, and manifest our dreams of a richer and juicier life. He is a teacher who walks his talk, and is not shy about sharing his own experiences of falling down and sometimes struggling to get up again. This is the best kind of teacher, and Personal Transitions will help you to find and follow your own path of heart, the only path worth following.

Robert Moss

Author of Conscious Dreaming and Dreaming the Soul Back Home

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