5D Ascension School

5D Ascension School

An Important Moment in Cosmic Time. We are at an important point in cosmic history. We are moving from an Age of Darkness on the Earth-plane to a New Age of Light. Many prophecies, such as the Mayan Calendar, and many spiritual teachers/channels have spoken about this time. In astrology this is known as moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Starseeds are here to help anchor this New Age. We are at a time of transition as old energies begin to dissolve and leave and new energies begin to be anchored here. This is a shift from a 3D low frequency dense world to a high frequency 5D world. 

This is an Evolving World. For thousands of years this has been a 3D world with a certain glass ceiling on spiritual awakening and development. Now you might rightly look around the world and you will see lots of examples of not-love going on. The old 3D Matrix is highly controlled. The real issue is that a small number of people have been running the show. When you look at the world in its current state you can quickly see these are not the ones with the highest consciousness. The 0.001% running the show are losing control. There are those amongst this group that are aware of the spiritual revolution going on and are doing their best to block it. This group have orchestrated a number of scenarios to keep the vibration of confusion and fear on the planet as high as possible.

Who are Starseeds? They are evolved beings here to hold and ground the high frequencies of light that is creating a new Earth Matrix. Without the help from millions of Starseeds it would be impossible to shift humanity into a new era of enlightened living….. Starseeds are the first to wake up to their full light and multidimensional potential. In the awakening period the dormant 10 strands will begin to be activated. (These 10 strands are in the etheric body at this time and will not yet be visible in the physical body. At some future point when humanity reaches a certain vibratory level all 12 strands will be visible in the physical body).

5D Ascension School. I have created the 5D Ascension school because I believe there are many Starseeds who are ready to take this initiatory journey with me. If you feel ready for a shift in consciousness and vibration then check out the two levels of engagement outlined below. 

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You are a Starseed. You are on this page because you resonate as a Starseed and with the Ascension Process. Starseeds are here to wake up to their multidimensional nature. As you awaken you being to have an expanded sense of Self. You are a high frequency being of light, Your true nature is love and unity consciousness, You feel different because you are, this 3D ascending dimension is not your natural home. You are here for a reason, a mission. You are not alone in this process, many other Starseeds are going through it with you.

The Ascension Process. I have created the 5D Ascension School to help in this process which can feel like shifting from a 3D Caterpillar Identity to a larger 5D Butterfly Identity. This Ascension Process is where we are gradually changing from a carbon-based human being, functioning mostly on the lower three chakras and two strands of DNA to a crystalline-based human being functioning on 12 chakras  (seven in the body and five beyond) and 12 strands of DNA. In this process we are also moving from an ego-driven being to a soul aligned being. 


YouTube memberships

I have created a 5D Ascension School on YouTube with a growing library of resources. There are two levels of membership engagement Supporter and Explorer. Please check details to the right to understand the different levels of access and benefit. 

I hope you will choose to join me on this exciting and magical spiritual adventure.

Blessing Steve Nobel.

The Supporter Level

For Starseeds who feel the material on my channel is of benefit and who want to support the work and receive certain benefits such as several days early viewing of meditations and transmissions being released. Also, this level can gain access to extra bonus tracks. This level is £4.99 a month.

(*Please note live calls and recordings cannot be accessed at this level*).

The Explorer Level

For Starseeds who want to dive a bit deeper into the work. This level also offers early viewing of tracks plus a community section where you can post comments and questions (being developed now). Also, this level can gain access to extra bonus tracks plus 5D Ascension Exercises only available at this level. There are usually two LIVE CALLS that this level of membership can access every month. All Lives calls are recorded and automatically made available only to Explorer Members. This level is £22.99 a month.