Freeing The Spirit.

Freeing the Spirit: Ancient and Modern magical Techniques to Awaken Your Inner Potential

This powerful and original book draws from a wide range of disciplines ranging from Tantra, Wicca and Shamanism, to Mysticism, Metaphysics and Psychology, to explore the process of growth we call life and how it is possible to move from limitation to freedom.

I wrote this book 20 years ago and it was published after 911 which shook the world. I am republishing it now in 2022 and much has changed in this time. The world shut down because of a pandemic. Now, at this time of writing there is a confrontation between Russia and the West in Ukraine. If anything events such as these have increased the desire for many to find a greater meaning in life than merely living, paying the bills, shopping and surviving. This book contains many important elements that I have found useful in the art of self-transformation. In particular I address four important areas:
Growth – the process of following our dreams, of stretching beyond all our limits, through our barriers of fear out into virgin territory. 
Spirit – that powerful creative force that exists within the psyche and is at the core of all life, from the smallest electron to the mightiest star. It has been sought down the ages and once felt is never forgotten. 
Power – not the kind long associated with control, domination, threat and punishment, but the power that is found within. Opening to this power is like stepping into a current of energy where life becomes juicier and more vibrant. 
Magic – the art of weaving the unseen into the seen. Every magical act can be put to creative or destructive uses, and because such acts have consequences, responsibility is needed. Magic is possible because the universe is possible.

‘Freeing the Spirit is a carefully crafted book filled with ancient wisdom and modern insights …a practical handbook for the spiritual journeyer.’


Denise Line

Author of Sacred Space

‘A rich, practical handbook for spiritual transformation and joy.’


Robert Holden

Author of Shift Happens

‘A magical, practical and inspiring book, for all who wish to find simple ways to connect more fully with spirit in everyday life.’


Leora Lightwoman

Founder of Diamond Light Tantra

‘A joyful, brave and potent exploration into the spiritual realms – a book that is simple, but never simplistic.’


Malcolm Stern

Author of Slay Your Dragons With Compassion

‘This fascinating book bridges the gap between the material and spiritual and shows in a very practical ways how to invite more spirit into our everyday lives. A great book for anyone interested in transforming their life for the better.’


Nick Williams

Author of The Work We Were Born to Do

‘In Freeing the Spirit Steve Nobel gives a most clear and concise definition of just what it means to grow as a human being. His book is a treatise on effective ways to identify our life issues and work to heal them and bring ourselves closer to wholeness (holiness). The book is full of useful practical exercises which you can undertake in your own time and which will shed light on life in all sorts of ways.’


Leo Rutherford

Author of The Way of Shamanism

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