Ascension News: Why Is Our World So Volatile Now?

This is an extract from a live talk in Central London earlier this year. It addresses the reasons why our world is so volatile, the power of the 2012 Trigger Point, the collective shift out of 3D, volatility because of the interaction of low and high frequencies of energy, political and economic volatility, and how […]

The Rainbow Bridge Transmission: Upgrade Your Chakra System to 5D.

We are at a point where the timelines are splitting. In this transmission you will learn to unhook from the old karmic earth grid and more fully connect to the new ascending crystalline 5D grid. This transmission will also help you connect more deeply with the Christ Grid and open to the new 5D chakra system waiting to be birthed inside of you. This transmission will help Starseeds prepare for the coming energy shifts in 2018.