Trezire Spirituala si Reinnoirea Ego-Ului

Ne aflam intr-un important interval de timp, pe planeta acum. Am putea numi aceasta perioada o mare trezire in constiinta, care ajuta tranzitia planetei de la intuneric la lumina. Aceasta planeta a fost una “intunecata” de cateva mii de ani. Pentru a sti ca asta e adevarat, trebuie doar sa citim cartile de istorie despre […]


We are in important time frame on the planet. We could call this a great awakening in consciousness which is helping the planet transition from darkness to light. This planet has been a ‘dark’ planet for some time now. We just have to read the history books on what has been happening here the past few thousand years to realise that. Many spiritual masters and avatars have incarnated here to help seed light on the planet. This has not been an easy task since the powers that be have often sought to kill the messenger and twist the message. We just need to look at the history of Christianity to understand this. Now we are in a time predicted by many prophecies, a time of great darkness followed by great light. This is a process of moving from fear and separation consciousness to love and unity consciousness. In order to awaken and assist in this process on the planet we must initially turn and face ourselves, our own ego.