Ascension News: Upgrading the Ego from 3D to 4D to 5D

This is an extract from a longer interview. The interviewer is Chris Alyssia from Awake TV. The ascension process is not about neutralising the ego it is about upgrading it. Upgrading the ego is about shifting our identity into a larger perspective, where all resistance to embracing our authentic or Higher Self is dropped. In […]

Podcast: Escape the Corporate Matrix

What’s the Problem with Working in the Corporate Matrix? Why are People Leaving? What is the Journey of Leaving? What can you Expect Moving into Something Quite New? Heather Hanson Wickman, PhD, successfully climbed the corporate ladder, before experiencing her own awakening or what she lovingly refers to as her “corporate crack.” Over the course […]

Ascension News: The Age of Aquarius is Here. Time to Wake Up!

We are living in a time of great challenge and opportunity. Many prophecies, such as the Mayan Calendar and the Book of Revelations have spoken about this time. In astrology this is known as moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. An old energy paradigm and 3D timeline is shifting to […]