Podcast: What’s Your Soul Sign?

Debbie Frank speaks about her journey into Astrology. Her connection with Princess Diana. Then she goes into how astrology reveals our soul’s journey and destiny. Debbie Frank is a Master Astrologer and Life Healer who provides Guidance in the Journey of your Soul. With decades of experience as an astrologer and life healer, Debbie focuses […]

Meet Francesca Zampaglione – Inspiring Spiritual Entrepreneurs with Liz Findlay.

Welcome to this podcast series on “Inspiring Spiritual Entrepreneurs” hosted by Liz Findlay. Today we have the pleasure of meeting Francesca Zampaglione from Dressed Smart. She coaches people with mindset so that when they look in the mirror, the outer reflects their inner confidence. CONNECT WITH FRANCESCA ZAMPAGLIONE: Website: https://dressedsmart.com/ Podcast “Office Flip Flops”: https://dressedsmart.com/podcast […]