Ascension News: The Return of the Goddess

A New Age of Light… We have entered a new age of light. The symbol that best represents the synergy of the age we are now in is the infinity sign. This looks like a number 8 on its side. One side represents the masculine and the other the feminine. There is a flow of […]

Affirmations: Re-Programming Your Subconscious Mind for Miracles.

“There is a great magic inherent in all of creation. I am a drop in the great ocean of creative beneficial power. I feel this great creative power stir within me. This magical power, when awakened in a great many people will birth a new heaven on earth. I am the awakened power of light that transforms the world…..”

The Grace Transmission: Surrendering a Seemingly Irresolvable Issue to Spirit.

Surrendering an Issue to Grace… This remastered transmission is not about asking Spirit to sort our life out for us. Challenges are opportunities to grow. Yet, some challenges seem overwhelmingly difficult and insoluble. In such times when we have done everything, we feel we can do, the only way forward is surrendering the issue to […]