Podcast: Mandalas, A Path of Alchemy and Dreams

Patricia Fitzgerald is a Mandala Artist based in Dublin, Ireland. As well as creating her original and highly powerful work, she also combines the craft of Mandala with meditation and mindfulness practices, offering you an innovative and powerfully transformative experience. She is an experienced facilitator of mandala art, mindfulness and meditation workshops in many settings […]

Solar-Crystalline Transmission: Clearing and Upgrading the Chakras and Aura.

This Transmission… In this transmission we call on ultraviolet fire angels and angels over-lighting the crystal kingdom. We begin by calling on ultraviolet fire along with 5D etheric crystals to clear and extract energies from the chakras. Then we call on different etheric crystals along with solar angels to transmit solar light through each set […]

Podcast: The Journey of Discovering Inner Peace

Dr. Christina Samycia is an intuitive observer, and a translator between the spiritual and material world. Christina holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, a masters degree in Kinesiology. Her mission is to inspire and challenge individuals to discover their authentic selves and lead a more meaningful and spiritual life. We are speaking on her newly […]