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The Warrior Transmission: Clearing 3D Enemy Patterning

This Warrior Transmission…

In this remastered transmission (originally created June 2018) you can clear lifetimes of violence, war, harm, enslavement or death on the battlefield. This transmission aims to clear enemy patterning which is one of the conditions of the 3D Matrix. Enemy patterning breaks unity consciousness and creates a consciousness of us and them. This allows you to feel obliged, duty-bound to harm or be harmed, to kill or be killed, to enslave or be enslaved. This transmission ends with a gift from the Goddess Athena and warriors of light within the 4D Matrix and a request for the return of all positive attributes of the warrior archetype.

Clearing 3D War and Violence…

War and violence is one of the conditions of living within the 3D Matrix of separation consciousness. War has been endemic for thousands of years. Empires and nations and risen and fallen through conflict and warfare. Even before recorded history there has been conflict on the earth. From the time of Atlantis and before there has been conflict by ET groups over who should control or have dominion over the earth.

The Warrior Archetype…

In the 3D Matrix the warrior archetype holds both destructive capabilities and yet it also holds positive qualities of leadership, courage, resilience and comradeship. As war became the preserve of the soldier who marched in battalions to the orders of those who directed from the rear the positive qualities of the warrior archetype dwindled as the negative capacity for brutality increased. This transmission helps heal the negative experiences of the warrior so that you can embrace the positive qualities for your mission of global service in this ascending timeline.



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  1. thank you Steve
    you are so humble of your own qualifications I enjoy the tone of sincerity and mother-like gentleness of your
    personality shining thru your beautiful voice. someday,
    wish someday visiting your country, thank you Steve.

    1. Gregory the souilder its hard being a true warrior in the world as i see it now know that donot stop me from understanding what going on i really want to do my part still life is crazy and i know im not alone just tired of the bullshit that life to i choose not to get involved at this time i need to understand self which is much. More importantly to me.the end

  2. Please could you let me know who is the musician who wrote this amazing music is & the title of this track. I love both the transmission & the music.

  3. Gratitude Steve for All your transmitions -this one touched me deeply it came at the right time as all your transmitions have done-keep sending your love and blessings to All -they are appreciated-Blessed Be,

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