Originally Recorded 22nd November 2018.

We are Living in a Time of Great Challenge and Opportunity. This is because we are in a time of confluence and flux where an old energy paradigm and 3D timeline is shifting to make way for new light grids and a new 5D ascension timeline. Many prophecies, the Mayan Calendar and spiritual teachers and channels have spoken about this time. In astrology this is known as moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. We are at the beginning of this new age now.

Starseeds are the Pioneers, the Map-Makers, the Magicians, the Co-Creators with Spirit. Starseeds are not native to this 3D dimension of the earth. Starseeds come to help anchor a new set of energetic frequencies on the earth. Starseeds are the pioneers of consciousness, reality creation/co-creation to help birth a new world. Starseeds are Here to Create Heaven on Earth. We are here to create our reality and to shift away from growth through suffering to the higher octave of growth through joy and bliss.

Along the Way There are Challenges. Starseeds are naturally sensitive and empathic When Starseeds start to wake up they are not immune to avoiding or resisting their path. They are also not immune to the stresses and traumas of this dimension. Challenges comes through trauma sustained in this lifetime. Also from energetic resistance from the bloodlines which are not used to the new energies that Starseeds bring. There can also be challenges from other lifetimes where Starseeds have suffered hurt or harm from following the dictates of their soul and speaking their truth.

Now is the Time to Live Your 5D Heaven on Earth. Now is the time to step more powerfully on your path of manifestation and service. On this webinar we will explore the nature of living your highest possibility of 5D Heaven on Earth. We will explore processes to clear much of the resistance to stepping fully on the path. This webinar will include a transmission to connect you to your highest potential timeline of the emerging year. After the webinar there will be 121 clearing sessions to assist in clearing specific resistance to creating Heaven on Earth.

What You Will Receive. The recordings of this webinar include an attunement, talk/Q+A, and a transmission. Recordings can be downloaded as MP3’s and can also be viewed as videos. Your investment is £33.

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