Katrina Love Senn is an international yoga teacher, retreat leader, healer and author of 2 books. Her first book is called ‘Losing Weight is a Healing Journey‘ and her second book is called ‘Heal Emotional Eating For Good‘. She is the creator of a ‘Yoga for Weight Loss‘ DVD and has been published on many popular wellness sites.  Just a few days before her 20th birthday Katrina had a complete body breakdown and her doctor wanted to put her on experimental medication but something within her just said ‘No, there is another way…’

She decided not to take the medication and instead made the choice to start her own healing journey. She lost over 60 pounds naturally without diets, drugs or deprivation and went on to heal all of her chronic health conditions, including asthma and eczema. Today, she helps people to lose weight, heal emotional eating and start living their dreams through her books, meditation programs, 121 Sessions’ and her 21 Day Weight Loss Retreats in Bali.

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