Many of the world’s cultures have a belief in the evil eye. It is mentioned in Roman and Greek texts as well as the Quran and Bible. The Evil Eye is a projection of negative energy from a person or group of individuals. The most common reasons that generate this is jealousy or feeling rejected, insulted or slighted in some way. Negative projections can be sent consciously or unconsciously. Very rarely these days is the Evil Eye sent by someone skilled in the magical arts, though this can happen in certain continents (Africa, South America and the West Indies are prime examples) where black magicians still ply their trade for money.

This meditation is designed to neutralise and repel negative energies sent consciously or unconsciously. It can be done with a single person or a group sending negative projections. Music by Laurentiu Florea. 1.1. Crown Chakra Note B (1.5Hz Delta Binaurals)



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