Thank you so much for the fantastic Soul Matrix Healing session yesterday it was amazing. I’m still processing loads of information I feel so much more whole with lost self-knowledge returning all the time. I’m originally from somewhere where communication happened just by thought and I’ve discovered that’s why I find it hard to communicate […]


The soul matrix session was beyond belief. Steve was able to pinpoint the hidden issues and then dismantle each one. It was a powerful and profound healing, that left me feeling alive and empowered. I have done a lot of healing, but nothing comes close to this,I feel like a blank canvas. I can now […]


The darkness, the pain, that debilitating depression and hopelessness have lifted. I can literary feel my energy field is more expanded, lighter and clearer. 🙂 Like the weight of the world has lifted off my shoulders. And there is this inner peace and hope and trust and knowing, that even though I do not see […]

Elena Angel

I was hoping for some magic and found just that in today’s Soul Matrix Healing session. Steve systematically detected and cleared unhelpful past-life memories and vows, and left me with a feeling of lightness and possibility. The card reading was very insightful and encouraging also. It affirmed I’m on the right track and encouraged me […]


Thank you for the session yesterday. I am SO grateful! I’m happy that I asked, and you were available. THANK YOU THANK YOU! You really are brilliant and gifted and your way of being and sharing in a caring and strong way was inspired. This is simply a huge thank you! I feel different and […]


Please know that all your guidance, healing, and advice is so appreciated and cherished. In the last four months, since I have been having healing sessions with you, I have; Stopped having suicidal thoughts completely and become actively committed to creating a life I love; Become much clearer about my soul mission and now am […]