We are currently moving through a time period of great volatility. There is both great light and darkness moving across the planet. This is a time of ascension where we are moving into a great global shift in consciousness. This shift is massive and revolutionary. it is the time all the major prophecies have been talking about. The outcome of this great awakening will have a profound effect in so many way on us and the planet for decades and centuries to come.

Listen to this free podcast with author Steve Nobel on the subject of Riding the Global Wave of Change. In this podcast explore what is happening on the planet right now in terms of frequency shift and global awakening.
In particular you will hear about:
*What are Starseeds and what are they here to do?
*What is the new timeline of this dimensional earth?
*How is the old game of light and dark ending?
*What is the transition process and what can we expect?
And much more……

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