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Diamond-White Fire Transmission: Clearing Fear From Your Body/3D Timeline and Ancestral Lines.

In this transmission you will connect to the crystal earth grid and also to the planetary grid that holds the incoming light frequencies of ascension. Within this grid is invoked Archangel Metatron and the Diamond-White Ray of transmutation. This ray is used to transmute any energy patterns of fear in: your body, your 3D timeline back to the womb, your ancestral lines (both mother and father lines), other lifetimes impacting you now where you developed patterns of fear and finally a clearing a blessing is sent to your entire soul family.

This Transmission by Steve Ahnael Nobel Was originally recorded July 2016 in London.

Diamond White Fire Transmission: Clearing Fear From Your Ancestral Lines. from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.


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  1. This transmission has been coming for some days now. I ran it through my own energy bodies, timeline and soul records before releasing. The decision to make this public came after a visit in July 2016 to a newly formed crop circle near Stonehenge in Wiltshire, UK. I can still feel the energies clearing through my physical and energy bodies. Depending on how open you are this can be very powerful.

    1. Wow in the first few seconds I felt my root shift. Thank you this was an awesome meditation, I feel great, lighter. You helped take me on a wonderful journey, saw many lives I wasn’t aware of that held so much fear. I feel like I just had a spiritual bath. May We All Unite in Love and Light xoxo

    2. I send blessings of light and love and thank you a GODzillion times for making this available for all.

      I feel greatly blessed to come across this at this time in my life.



  2. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your website it looks amazing . I would likdtk know how I can download any of your healing techniques.

    Kind regards,

    1. There is a free resource library containing many similar recordings. If you look on the play bar, on the right hand side there is a download button. This button is just under where it says Soundcloud.

  3. So very powerful. Thank you so much <3
    By the way; how come I can't gain access to the library? I submitted to the list but it keeps asking for submitting details when I push the "access now" button …… ??
    Love and gratitude Lisa

  4. wow-I loved this-I come from such insane dysfunction-I have worked on change-this release was so powerful-anybody else hallucinate? Loved it-thanks for reminding me to come back-I wanted to stay there however!! beautiful

  5. I am very grateful for your work and these very powerful transmissions. They are very profound I must say, wonderful experience. Always.

  6. Steve,
    thank you for all this wonderful work particularly for Advance Guard souls. After being recognised and activated as a Starseed 20 years ago I sorta/kinda went back to sleep in the fluffy new age movement and a heavy relationship. Now out of both it is such a kind reawakening to be doing your meditations and healings and commend you for offering so many resources for us late bloomers 🙂

  7. Thank you Steve. This transmission is so beautiful and powerful. I’ve done quite a few of your transmissions now and I think this is my favourite and its the one I have particularly recommended to quite a lot of friends. It has pretty much everything in there……without being “too much” as all is cleared with such beauty and ease helped along by the grace of your voice. Bless you for sharing this.

  8. Thank you so much, Steve. I’ve most recently read your Ebook STARSEEDS and excited to go through your transmission and affirmation meditations one by one. I’ve been always drawn to Sacred Geometry, Shamanism, and Shintoism, and incorporating them in my art (or they naturally show up in my work 🙂 I want to learn more about everything!

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