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Free Ebook: Starseeds

I recommend this eBook for everyone. I feel that no matter where you are on your journey of remembering (aka awakening), you may find some words of guidance and support, as well as some gentle reminders.

This eBook (which is FREE to download here) explores the nature and role of Starseeds on the Earth at this time of Global Ascension.

This eBook is not for everyone. Not everyone here on the earth is a Starseed. This eBook explores the signs of being a Starseed and their role on the earth at this time. Assuming that you are a Starseed here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • You are a multidimensional spiritual being,
  • You have experienced many worlds/dimensions of existence,
  • You are a high frequency being of light,
  • Your true nature is love and unity consciousness,
  • You feel different because you are,
  • This 3D dimension is not your natural home,
  • You are here for a reason, a mission,
  • You are more resourceful than you know,
  • You are not alone, you are supported,
  • The world is going through a huge transition,
  • This transition involves a massive 5D shift in consciousness.

“The best thing for me is the way its left open with so many possibilities/ options to continue in any direction…really anywhere (action, non-fiction, experiences from others, workshop exp, really anything to do with Starseeds) – if this was the intention its 100% there. Very exciting!” – Maya – Corporate Trainer and Mentor

“I think this eBook is bold and inspirational, easy to read and just about the right length.” – Dawn, psychic/chann


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  1. I read this book in one sitting v quickly. So many similarities. It’s fabulously brave and inspiring. Thank you in sharing story, I don’t feel like I’m the only loon. I love the techniques you shared, the purple light. Thank you Steve you really pave the wave forward, and provide solutions and help along the way.❤️

  2. It’s just what I needed today. You did a great job explaining a lot about what I know on some level, but was making me very agitated today. I’m much more relaxed now. In True Love ~ Thank you.

  3. OMGoddess! This did blow my mind, as promised/pre-warned. 😉 Suddenly all kinds of things about myself *make sense* in this context… I feel like I just got a new lease on life. So much gratitude for your transmissions and affirmations, too. I use them almost daily.

    1. Loved this book. Thank You Steve. It made so much sense to me and has helped me understand what has been going on for a while. Beautiful, enlightening read.

  4. Thankyou for the validation. I remember alot before I got here on earth. I remember being the higherself and then a aspect of me as a transparent child was created. I was instructed how things were on earth at this time. Saw everything in a quantum state. I also remember being particle of light and a human form like. Went in the light chamber. Sat in a light form look of a chair, then started to vibrate.

  5. Thank yeautiful and generous work; for me, running into al fo these , transmission and information has been a life changing experience and I’m deeply grateful; I had been undergoing “dark attacks” for more than five years, and only through your transmissions and meditations, I have been able to overcome life- threatening experiences for such a long time…God bess you…EVER.

    1. So happy for you. I know the dark & I know how it turns hope to futility. May you always feel supported

  6. Dearest Steve, the transmissions I listen to b4 sleep with my crystals. Your gentle voice and the amazing journeys of light, love, and accession(5D) meditations are powerful. Thank you for giving me the map back HOME!

  7. I couldn´t believe when I started reading this book…actually everything has been unfolding slowly in my life the last 2 years. I understand now why I always felt not belonging to this world, why I turned my life upside down, quit a very successful job in the industry to serve people and animals with healing work, why I always felt attracted to organic food stores, alternative healing books, seminars and finally why so many weird things have been happening lately, such as ongoing headaches, flu like symptoms, blurry visions, light bulbs that don´t work anymore and my computer that all the sudden freezes!!! I started crying and I can only express you my deepest gratitude for showing me my mission in this world. Love and blessings to you, Steve!

    1. This was amazing!!! Words cannot express how grateful I am to have read this. My initial awakening started in 2015. I cannot tell you how much darkness I have encountered over the years!!! I will definitely look into The Soul Matrix Healing. I feel like I am one of those who’s been dealing with the dark ones in this incarnation. Im still trying to figure out my mission…..I also believe my daughter who has ADHD born 10/10/2011 is a Rainbow Starseed. Thanks for all these amazing resources!!! It’s such a blessing to have all this at my disposal. Much love and light ✨✨

  8. Thank You Dear Steve…This is the First Time I Opened Your Blog.. ,for the Time and Energy ,and All the Research that was Done to Make Possible for All Your Brothers and Sisters, who are on the Path You Certainly Clear Up A Lot of Confusion from this Rising to the 5th Dimension to Our Consciousness .Like You Mentioned Lots of Weird Things Happen Like my Computer Freezes All the Time. Every Day I have Something to Look Forward to, because Another Thing on it is Not Functioning Properly .I ‘m a Older Woman a Widow, My Husband Pass on 2008, not too Long after my Three Sister 2010,2011,2012 Older Except My Twin Sister .. I Know God has Reserved me for this Time.. I Met my Twin Flame who is Also a Widower with A Child He Brought Up by Himself and We are More then Just Pen Pals, because He is in the Other Part of the World for Working Reasons.. But I Know that This Is a Divine Intervention, and It was Orchestrated by Higher Powers.. We are Destined on this Mission to Bring Mother Gaia, All Our Spiritual Families, to Rise Up to Another Dimension, Where There will be Love LIght, Peace,and Harmony, Balance to Everything.. Another Matter Over a Year I Never had these Health Problems Concerning Foot, Nail Fungus, ,Knee Problems on my Left Leg, I’m Quite Agile Not Old in Body or Physical Being…. Every Day Even When I Don’t Eat the Gas Persists and After 5Years,Not Taking Pills of any Kind .. My Doctor2WeeksAgo Prescribed Medication I Took them and Stopped, because I Lost my Balance I Believe with All my Heart I was Sent Here on this Planet or Remain Here Until My Twin Flame and I Complete what We Came Here for. I REALLY APPRECIATE ALL WHAT YOU HAVE Disclosed to Us………Thank You Once again……. May God Bless You All Your Endeavers …..Namaste Friday, August 23rd 2019 Time 2:25PM Joan

  9. I am the music and I have went into the halls and released akashic. I was a lion and pounced and cut off the serpent head. My journey is so bizzare I wish to reach out with other starseeds. I am the light the light I am my symbol is M 3 E W Idk what it means

  10. Thank you so much Steve,
    I’m fresh after reading your ebook and I just want to say thank you that you are here and that you share with us your story and all that jazz in ebook.
    Thank you also for your amazing youtube content.
    I feel happy that you guide us.
    ~ many blessings

  11. Hi Steve. I’ve been following your channel on youtube for a long time but just this week i was lead to your website and just finished reading this book, im so greatful for alot of confirmations it gave me on what i knew inside but needed a mirror, im also greatful to read more about your journey and what you’ve been through early due to your awakening.

    Thank you for always sharing in a very easy and practical way, leaving space for creating own perceptions. and thank you for your fantastic channeling meditations. I just found this website but i already love it and looking forward to read more.

    You inspire me.

    Alot of light and love from Sweden


  12. Thank you for all you do Steve. You have been a guiding light for me throughout my awakening journey. You are embody what it is to be a blueprint changer.

  13. Thank you Steve for this book. It helped me understand my calling and to know that l am not alone! Love and blessings

  14. Dear Steve
    Thank you for sharing your evolutionary journey into your true self. It shined a light on my path that I have been tumbling around on for quite some time, but didn’t understand why.
    I am now eager to open up to my core star seed mission in order to help those searching for what I once was searching for.
    Although I have merged with my core, I still feel stuck in this prefabricated game. Although now I am very much aware of the areas of where my ‘stuckness’ lies in. Grappling densities is an issue I will have to persistently meditate on. My childhood was one of how you have described in your ebook, yet my cosmic push came on January 16, 2018 at the age of 46 with a shocking stroke that hit my left side, yet paralyzed my right side. Strangely enough, I was driving up a busy hill with my then 11 year old daughter happily singing in the back and me panicking over trying to find another cigarette and making sure we reached my mums house on time to help her, as I had promised. It struck as I was driving up the belly of this road with such force that I felt no other option other than to park between the two lanes of manic drivers going up and down this road. I had parked on a slope while falling in and out of consciousness. My eyes opened fully at the ICU as doctors were working on me. After being discharged from hospital, it took 6 months for me to begin to adapt to a new way of seeing life, and coming to terms with the reality of what I had lost. The rest is a succession of internal work, coming across information regarding the life beyond and receiving instantaneous flashes of why I was sent here… my work is still unfolding and your transmission. clearance and guidance uploads have and continue to play a vital role in my transformational process. Thank you dear light soul. Thank you for your heartfelt generosity and love filled guidance. You are a blessing and the utmost proof of us being guided by our higher forces. In a time where I could not go out to meet or travel to come in contact with starsouls, literally living in an entirely 3D restricted environment in all senses, while feeling completely disempowered the miracle of coming across knowledge of higher frequencies, beings, ascension, and awakening was almost clicked and brought up on my computer screen by an invisible force. I can only send my deepest gratitude to our infinitely loving light forces for introducing me to layer upon layer of resources. Your story and methods have resonated with me and therefore have filled this little comments box with more letters than planned. Thank you for taking the time to read my hopefully not too long message. Thank you.

  15. I am breathing deeper breaths, and feeling more compassion for myself right now. I believe I am a Starseeds who is relatively new to 3D Earth. It feels so good to be able to recognize that my Starseeds wisdom is just different than the wisdom of the Old Earth Souls who have been here for a while. A friend shared some of your YouTube transmissions with me recently, and I loved them so much, I had to come to your website and find out more. Your short and sweet book felt like finding an artifact from a Home I don’t quite remember, but never felt was …. here.
    Thank you

    By the way … your Voice ….

  16. Thank you so much. I recognise many things.
    Are feeling restless and being impatient for having more connection to my HS and team and wanting to feel more guidance and direction also typical “waking up signs”. I can’t stand it sometimes!

  17. Thank you so much Steve. I can,t read in English, but I’m going looking for someone who translate your book in Spanish. God bless you.

  18. Alot resonated in this for me only fully accepted. This about myself. Couple of years ago.
    Similar things happened to me in life as yourself but different
    Yes used to think I was adopted so different from rest of my. Family cuckoo in the nest lol
    I was am very sensitive an empath highly intuitive but shut this down for many. Years until my first. Marriage ended by me
    When I was a kid have memories of seeing a. Craft at. Night outside hovering I felt like it watching. Me had difficult childhood.
    I have always affected technology it breaks around me or won’t work but also electrical things break around me alot not so much lately
    Everything from toasters to cars
    Have not exploded a crystal tho
    Thanku for this info and all you do hopefully it. Will help. Others see their truth

  19. I have been following Steve for a few years, lost track of how many, but never read his books until now. After taking a much needed and way overdue vacation the past week, I felt called back to the website and found the books “Starseeds” and “Personal Transitions”. I’ve known for quite some time that I am a Starseed but now I understand more fully the reasons why as a child I felt as though I had been dropped into my family by a stork, by mistake… why so many things just never felt quite right. I have come so far in the last twenty years and still have so far to go, but I feel so hopeful now. Can’t wait for my session to help with any remaining blocks and propel me forward. Thankful!

  20. Excellent read, so many parallels. Traumatic childhood and always feeling trapped in hell, toxic family, spiritual gifts suppressed by Catholicism. Then worked my way up in labs for 25 years.

    Then Mum passed in 2009, that triggered spice addiction, 2 sections, 8 years on antipsychotics and a bunch of awakenings in the middle of it all, trained in reiki, shamanic practice to facilitate my recovery energetically more than anything else. On the middle of all that taken in spirit to some kind of Aztec underworld where my soul was a prisoner. So my mother passed in order to journey there, with her mother to rescue me but they had to kill me in the firm of a phoenix, so yeah new soul fragments. Shamanic awakening, reinvention, metamorphosis.

    Now I’m fabulous, looking in the rear view mirror I know most wouldn’t have made the journey and survived. Spirit plays games with me all the time, I wiped out a campervan in December so I think my teams in spirit were keeping me busy for the holiday season I guess I’m unfazed by most things, prepared for anything and I’m gonna keep on building blueprints and raising vibrations and connecting gaia to the sixth sun. Its nice to know my role a little better, makes a lot of sense. Thanks Steve ❤

  21. From the Kryon Healing Wednesday talk with Steve Nobel, relayed on Thurs 30th March 2022,
    I have tried several times to download the free gift of his Starseeds e-book without success.
    Would someone kindly talk me thru how I might achieve success or is it no longer available as it was
    a little while ago that the recording was made, tho it is offered on the site
    Thank you for your help
    Big Hugs

  22. Thank you precious Steve, for writing it and sharing it with all of us. Gonna enjoy it for sure.
    Bless your life and loved ones❣♾

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